Corporate Team

Success for All Franchisees is Aided by Edomey Leadership.

We have a team of seasoned individuals that are committed to helping our franchisees succeed and develop their companies. For 15 years, Edomey has helped men and women achieve financial independence by running their own janitorial and commercial cleaning service business. Every member of the corporate staff is dedicated to helping our franchise owners succeed.

Meet The Team

We're here to support you whenever you need it, whether you're a franchisee or a corporate employee. As a company, we are dedicated to helping our franchisees succeed in their ventures. Success for you is success for us.

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Edomey Janitorial & Building Services

Edomey Cleaning was started by a family in the interior of British Columbia in 2006. Since then, it has grown into a preferred national service provider and a nationwide minority-owned business. Edomey is a first-generation family-owned firm that is presently led and controlled by CEO Daniel Haile. Edomey is a certified member of ISSA and has multiple locations across Canada. It works with some of the most well-known clients in the country and has experience in many different fields. Mr. Haile recently talked with us about the firm's history, the spectrum of major and iconic buildings, the services and solutions offered, and the industry difficulties that encourage the company to adopt new ideas and technology.

Chief Executive Officer

Serving as Chief Executive Officer, Hana brings a wealth of knowledge in service excellence, quality, and productivity. Through more than 5years’ in management and leadership roles in both public and private sectors, HANa offers a diverse expertise in Best Practices. Hana strives to bring innovative change processes to reduce redundant activities, while implementing new ways that add value to our core purposes. She is dedicated to coaching his team on how to deliver exceptional services that focus on quality, efficiency, speed, and safety for our clients and organization. Nothing makes Hana happier than to see those around him succeed, embrace and drive change, all while ensuring client satisfaction.


Regional Director of B,C & Alberta North

Management and customer service roles, Dawit is Edomey’s Regional Director for B.C &Alberta North operations. Dawit hbrings a passion for client satisfaction, developing strong teams, and delivering quality service. Dawit has to provide even more comprehensive support to his teams and clients.


Regional Director of Alberta South, Saskatchewan & N.W.T

Experience in the retail/service operations industry Waka understands the importance of strong relationship building and is a true “Customer Service” champion. Waka has embraced EDOMEY Building Services’ Core Values through strong customer service leadership, respect, and a motivating connection to his team. He ensures the highest level of standards are delivered along with service excellence to all clients through detailed


Marketing & Sales Manager, Edmonton, Alberta

Kateryna is a Marketing and Sales Manager of Edomey in Edmonton, Alberta. Since joining our team, Kateryna has taken on many responsibilities, including all sorts of communication with current and new clients. She has a strong knowledge in social media management, marketing and SEO, working in this field since 2015.


Administrator & Account Manager

Business Manager

Victoria has extensive experience in account management, sales, and procurement in both the service and industrial sectors. Victoria is committed to lowering risks and achieving fair results for both customers and the organization, and she does it by aligning the best practices of internal policies and processes. Victoria is enthusiastic about risk management and respects the viewpoints of all parties, which she achieves via a combination of experience and perseverance. Victoria enjoys spending her free time with her family since she believes that life should be embraced.


Chief Financial Officer & Regional Director Of Charlotte,North Carolina U.S.A

3 years’ experience in both field and corporate settings. Combining an extensive professional background in large publicly-traded companies with his CPA designation and Master’s in Business Administration, Mak has the expertise and drive needed to advance corporate profitability and growth. Serving as Edomey ’s Chief Financial Officer, Mak is the head of the Finance, Accounting, Payroll, and Estimating functions. Mak leads his teams by embodying the Core Values of Edomey through mutual respect, trust, and open communication.


Franchise Supervisor

With nearly 10 years of experience, Ephrem, Edomey's Franchise Supervisor, has a lot of experience in franchise management in terms of quality and productivity. Ephrem, who has an Executive MBA in Leadership, aims to introduce new methods that enhance our fundamental goals while also reducing duplicate operations. He has made it his mission to teach Edomey franchisees how to provide customers and the organization with high-quality, efficient, quick, and safe services.


Account Manager

7 years of experience in the cleaning industry made Feiyue stand out with a varied portfolio of franchise management skills. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty in order to thoroughly understand franchisees and contribute to an organization's culture and general operation. Fei may be found touring the world with his family or in the kitchen preparing a tasty dinner when he is not working.


Regional Director of Nova Scotia

Pat manages the Nova Scotia-based sales, administration, business growth, and employee development departments at Edomey. She creates long-term business strategies and policies with an emphasis on Edomey's business proprietors and clients to support the company's ethos and mission and encourage high performance.


Regional Director of New Brunswick

Management and customer service roles, Francesco is Edomey’s Regional Director for New Brunswick operations. Francesco brings a passion for client satisfaction, developing strong teams, and delivering quality service. Francesco has to provide even more comprehensive support to his teams and clients.


Regional Director of Manitoba

The administrative staff in Manitoba is under Hiram's direction. Together, they provide support for Edomey by teaching, mentoring, and otherwise assisting franchisees in their efforts to achieve their full potential. Assisting the team in reaching their goals and realizing their vision will be our primary focus to accomplish our mission.


Regional Director of ONTARIO

Mr. Mark Poeti's background in retail and service operations makes him a great "Customer Service" advocate who values the necessity of establishing and maintaining positive connections with his clients. Mr. Mark Poeti exemplifies EDOMEY Building Services' Core Values by providing inspiring direction to his staff, valuing their input, and treating them with respect. Through meticulous planning and execution, he guarantees that all customers get the highest quality standards and service possible.



Over the course of his nine years of experience in the cleaning profession, GEORGE built and managed a thriving cleaning business of his own. Relationship building between employees and customers is GEORGE's top priority. According to GEORGE, this is the most important factor in maintaining productive relationships.


Director of Operational Controls

Cassandra Walker joined Edomey with a background in business analytics and an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. Since joining our team, Cassandra has taken on many responsibilities, including those of Office Manager, Health & Safety Administrator, Account Manager, and EDOMEY Director of Operational Controls. In this role, she leads the charge in operational innovation, making sure that our field teams are equipped with cutting-edge technology and the resources they need to provide exceptional client service. Cassandra's passion is enhancing and creating procedures that are aesthetically pleasing and very practical. This interest spills over into her spare time, where she enjoys nothing more than curling up with a good book or spending time near water—whether on her stand-up paddleboard or at the beach.


Regional Director of Quebec

Ottiline manages day-to-day activities and, along with the Quebec senior leadership team, formulates long-term plans for the expansion of the business and the success of its franchisees. Her mission is to teach others how to start and develop a professional cleaning company in accordance with the Edomey plan and scriptural principals.


"Edomey leaders have a mission to wholeheartedly provide Edomey franchisees with a proven approach for achieving the business goals, such as how to develop objectives, how to clarify your vision and what you must accomplish are taught in company ownership classes.

People that have a strong desire to succeed and a can-do attitude are a joy to work with. When passion is present, sacrifices don't seem like sacrifices, but rather a matter of personal choice. It's also important to us that we have the right business strategy in place when we identify individuals who have the will to succeed."

Daniel Haile, President & CEO at Edomey