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In the heartland of British Columbia, back in 2006, the genesis of Edomey, a company specializing in janitorial and building services, unfolded through the vision of a family. Over the years, this enterprise has transcended its provincial origins to emerge as a premier national service provider, proudly standing as a minority-owned business with a widespread footprint. Edomey, a first-generation family-centric establishment, currently finds its navigation under the stewardship of CEO Daniel Haile. Acquiring the prestigious certification from ISSA, Edomey has strategically positioned multiple branches across the expanse of Canada. The clientele it engages with includes some of the nation's most distinguished entities, showcasing its adeptness across diverse domains. In a recent discourse, Mr. Haile expounded on the historical trajectory of the company, the expansive array of major and iconic structures it caters to, the comprehensive suite of services and innovative solutions it delivers, and the intricate challenges within the industry that impel constant assimilation of novel ideas and technology.

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At the core of Edomey's essence lies the profound expertise and acumen of its workforce, a crucial factor fostering enduring client bonds over its 15 years in operation. Conceived by the Haile family in 2006, Edomey embarked on its journey with a resolute commitment to excellence, surpassing client expectations, a reverence for its staff, collaboration within the industry, and transparent communication. The remarkable trajectory of Edomey's narrative serves as a testament to its prowess in client satisfaction and delivery of noteworthy outcomes.

Mr. Haile articulates, "Edomey boasts a 15-year legacy in the realm of commercial cleaning, and we are exceedingly fortunate to nurture relationships with clients spanning five years or more." Presently, Edomey stands as a national service provider, bolstered by a formidable team of over 50 individuals, diligently maintaining the cleanliness of over 3 million square feet of commercial real estate scattered across Canada.

Edomey's outreach extends seamlessly across Canada, facilitated by existing national partnerships. Its purview encompasses a diverse array of sites across various sectors, encompassing sprawling office towers, consumer retail spaces, financial institutions, cutting-edge tech offices, and the expansive transportation sector. On a daily basis, Edomey tends to the cleaning needs of more than 53 locations throughout Canada, offering a comprehensive suite of services. Mr. Haile proudly asserts, "Some of the most significant and esteemed structures in Canada are patrons of Edomey, owned and operated by some of the nation's most successful, trusted, and revered enterprises."

The roster of Edomey's clientele spans large-scale retailers, healthcare facilities, grocery emporiums, banking institutions, property management entities, and major integrated facilities management service providers. As a familial enterprise, Edomey Janitorial and Building Services holds an honorary membership in the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA). Aligning with its values, Edomey's mission has evolved to prioritize a stellar customer experience through professional, performance-driven, high-quality, and customer-centric cleaning and janitorial services. The company's territorial expanse burgeoned through the acquisition of two cleaning firms, culminating in a remarkable 39% expansion in 2021, solidifying its status as one of Canada's largest enterprises in its domain.

Edomey's forward trajectory appears promising, driven by a commitment to elevating the quality of clients' structures through the recruitment of exceptional personnel, the provision of stellar services, and the orchestration of impactful endeavors. The distinctive elements that set the company apart encompass a steadfast dedication to meticulous execution and consistency, local expertise coupled with responsiveness, continual growth and development, and a robust commitment to community enrichment through active participation.

Mr. Haile expounds, "Edomey's distinction is rooted in delivering high-quality, punctual service, overseen by first-generation family members and executed by a motivated and proficient cadre of cleaning specialists." The encapsulation of Edomey's managerial ethos is encapsulated in four strategic choices: enhancing the company (people, processes, and systems), fostering a distinctive organizational culture, prioritizing client service, and formulating a lucid blueprint for sustained expansion.

For over 15 years, Edomey has been at the forefront of pioneering industry approaches, spanning technology, reporting methodologies, safety measures, and fundamental cleaning methodologies. Recognizing the ever-evolving landscape of the industry and client needs, Edomey has been agile in adapting to change.

Edomey has cultivated enduring relationships, surpassing seven years, with key clients, demonstrating the soundness of its commercial engagements. Through astute investments, the company positions itself favorably to uphold robust, long-term relationships while actively pursuing new clients and contracts nationwide. Central to its growth agenda is the core objective of maintaining cleanliness in buildings and ensuring the safety of workers.

Edomey's resilience lies in strategic investments in software, hardware, and communication, coupled with a heightened focus on employee training, particularly in compliance, safety, and security domains. The senior leadership, composed of service sector experts, guides the company towards strategic goals, leveraging their wealth of knowledge to perpetuate operational and financial benefits to clients.

Navigating industry challenges, Edomey grapples with global supply chain disruptions affecting essential equipment, materials, and consumables. Rising costs due to inflation and supply-demand dynamics further compound the industry's challenges. Edomey leverages its established network of suppliers to secure priority service, ensuring seamless customer service and minimal business downtime. The industry-wide struggle with staff retention is met by Edomey's emphasis on creating a professional, safe, and gratifying work environment that fosters enthusiasm, strong relationships, and collaborative success across all roles.

Edomey prioritizes customer retention through a steadfast commitment to treating employees with respect, appreciation, fairness, and understanding, coupled with clear direction and motivating goals. Recent initiatives include assisting clients in establishing a "living wage," reflecting a commitment to employee welfare.

Innovation remains at the forefront of Edomey's strategy to deliver enhanced value to customers, although the unpredictability introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic poses a unique challenge. The surge in remote work diminishes the demand for office spaces, yet businesses catering to the public witness an increased need for cleaning and sanitation services. This shift necessitates rigorous quality control procedures, intensifying the pressure on cleaning department personnel. Edomey remains agile in navigating these shifts, employing innovation to address evolving market dynamics while sustaining its commitment to customer satisfaction and employee welfare.

    Edomey consistently explores cutting-edge technologies, with a primary focus on automation, incorporating robotic scrubbers and vacuums, and enhancing worker efficiency through smart washrooms, cleaner beacons, and the exploration of other IoT potentials. The objective is to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of its cleaning teams. By automating routine tasks and streamlining administrative constraints associated with service validation operations, Edomey aims to deliver heightened efficiencies to its customers, affording cleaning teams more time to ensure meticulous completion of intricate tasks.

    In today's business landscape, Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) requirements hold unprecedented significance. Customers increasingly seek to document and analyze their ESG actions and outcomes. Edomey takes pride in its ability to assist customers in reaching their ESG goals, emphasizing workplace safety and inclusivity for all employees, clients, and crucial vendor partners.

    Systems And Green Cleaning

    Edomey | Janitorial & Building Services Ltd. has evolved into a nationwide minority-owned Canadian enterprise, standing as a preferred national service provider. To ensure uniformity in processes, management, and systems, the company has established a robust governance framework. This includes the innovative Edomey CleanCom® for instant communication, the Edomey Protection+ Disinfection Plans dedicated to infection prevention, and the budget-friendly Smart. The company places a significant emphasis on environmental responsibility, integrating green cleaning practices as a cornerstone of its offerings.

    Holding a CIMS GB accreditation, Edomey collaborates with WELL, BOMA Best, and LEED certified buildings and procedures. The company's procurement strategies prioritize partnerships with firms that champion the "green" message throughout a product's lifecycle, focusing on its environmental impact from production to disposal. Edomey's service delivery actively seeks to minimize chemical usage, eliminate toxins, and consistently enhance indoor air quality. Mr. Haile reflects, "We take great pride in our achievements over the past 15+ years, growing into one of Canada's foremost janitorial services businesses. As we continue our nationwide expansion, our commitment remains steadfast to cultivating positive, enduring relationships with new and existing clients on a local level, ensuring exceptional services and outstanding results."

  • Systems And Green Cleaning

Edomey | Janitorial & Building Services Ltd. has grown to become a nationwide minority-owned Canadian company and a preferred national service provider. To guarantee teams can offer efficient and effective services to all customers, the firm has built a solid governance framework to maintain consistency in processes, management, and systems, such as our extraordinary Edomey CleanCom® for instant communications, the Edomey Protection+ Disinfection Plans for infection prevention, and our budget-friendly Smart. The company is also committed to protecting the environment and has made green cleaning a big part of what it has to offer. It has a CIMS GB accreditation and works with WELL, BOMA Best, and LEED certified buildings and procedures. Procurement methods emphasize collaborations with firms that push the "green" message throughout their product lifetime, focusing on the environmental consequences of the product, packaging, delivery, and disposal. Edomey's service delivery tries to limit the use of all chemicals, get rid of toxins, and improve the quality of indoor air all the time. "We are quite proud of all of our successes over the last 15+ years as we grew to become one of Canada's leading janitorial services businesses," Mr. Haile says. "As we continue to grow across the country, we are still committed to building positive, long-term relationships with our new and existing clients on a local level by giving them great services and great results."

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