Restaurant cleaning services

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurant Cleaning Services Edmonton

Restaurant Cleaning Services

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

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Restaurant Cleaning Services

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Carpet Cleaning and Floor Waxing Service



Our group of trained specialists has a significant amount of expertise in restaurant cleaning services Edmonton and other cities in Canada. Edomey is well-versed in the particular cleaning requirements of each restaurant, regardless of the size of the establishment, from small stores to enormous supermarkets and warehouses.

When it comes to the happiness of our customers, our crew is always eager to go the extra mile, and we make it a point to guarantee that all of our client's unique cleaning requirements are satisfied.

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What sets Edomey apart from other cleaning companies in Canada? We understand that a clean restaurant is vital to stay in business in the cities of Vancouver. Which is why our cleaners go out of their way to complete the task at hand. From degreasing to garbage removal, we handle it all. We have been offering restaurant cleaning services Edmonton and other cities in Canada for 15 years.

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The Best Restaurant Cleaning Services Edmonton

We offer a full range of restaurant cleaning services Edmonton including:

  • Cleaning the walls
  • Maintaining Indoor Cooling Units
  • Public Restrooms & Drinking Establishments
  • Cookware such as a grill, griddle, stove, or flat top
  • Clean up the peripherals
  • Clean and disinfect work areas
  • The Soiled Drains Are Cleaned
  • Ventilation and Extractor Fans for Kitchen Hoods
  • Pick Up the Pieces and Sweep the Crust
  • Vacuuming Carpets
  • Rectifying Dirty Tiles and Grout
  • Cleaning the Drains

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commercial cleaning services business is certified

We are Certified & Insured

We understand that your building is a multi-purpose facility that includes office space, restrooms, resident's apartments, etc. Our Certified Business Owners are educated to produce the greatest outcomes possible, using the finest goods and processes, and reaching new heights!

green commercial cleaning services

We Offer 100% Green Cleaning

Edomey provides 100% eco-friendly cleaning machines and supplies to help you reduce your building's environmental footprint.

15 years of commercial cleaning services experience

15 Years Of Experience

We guarantee your pleasure at Edomey with 15 years of experience in the restaurant cleaning services Edmonton and other cities in Canada. If you are ever dissatisfied with the results, the free-cleaning-day solution is provided to ensure the quality of the services

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