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Janitorial Services

Janitorial services in Edmonton, Vancouver, and other cities in Canada by Edomey

Being the leading cleaning company in Canada, we offer professional janitorial services in Edmonton, Vancouver and other cities across Canada for various facilities like offices, restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, national accounts, and chains of retail stores. Maintaining a hygienic environment holds utmost importance for businesses aiming for peak performance. Attain substantial advantages for your company by teaming up with a proficient cleaning company specializing in janitorial services in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and other cities across Canada. Entrusting janitorial services to seasoned professionals mitigates risks compared to solely relying on internal personnel or in-house teams. Enhance your workplace hygiene standards by enlisting the expertise of janitorial services in Canada, ensuring a pristine and secure setting conducive to streamlined business operations. Reserve the janitorial services of Edomey, the premier cleaning company in Canada.

What is Included in Janitorial Services?


Cleaning of Baseboard & Ceilings & Wall

vacuum-cleaner (1).png

Sweeping &Vacuuming


Mopping Wet & Dry


Restroom Sanitization


Trash Removal

window-cleaning (1).png

Cleaning of the Kitchen & Break Room


Glass Cleaning

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Dusting & Blind Cleaning

Professional Janitorial Services in Canada

Edomey, a leading cleaning company in Canada, surpasses mere surface cleaning by prioritizing health over mere appearances. Our daily and weekly janitorial services in Edmonton, Vancouver and other cities across Canada are indispensable for maintaining the operational integrity of businesses. Our committed cleaning team actively targets and eliminates germs, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring a hygienic workplace environment. Leveraging our specialized Healthy Clean System, we offer three levels of sanitization and disinfection during janitorial services tailored to meet your company's specific requirements. Choose Edomey, a top-notch commercial cleaning company in Canada, for a unique approach to cleanliness that not only enhances visual appeal but also fosters a healthier work environment.

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How Do Janitorial Services Help Your Business?

Janitorial Cleaning

Reduce Ecological Footprint

At Edomey, the professional cleaning company in Canada, we are committed to environmental preservation and minimizing your business's footprint on the planet by providing entirely sustainable commercial janitorial services.

Janitorial Cleaning

Liability Transfer

The risks associated with janitorial services are widely recognized. As a dedicated expert in the commercial cleaning services industry, we operate with self-insurance, assuming all legal and financial responsibilities to provide professional janitorial services in Canada.

Janitorial Cleaning

Personalized Schedule

Performing cleaning tasks during regular office hours may not be optimal for many office environments. Our clients have the flexibility to select the timeframe that suits their schedule best. Customize your janitorial services in Canada to align with your specific needs and preferences.

Janitorial Cleaning Edmonton

Customized Plan

The administrators at Edomey, boasting extensive experience in janitorial services in Canada, stand prepared to aid clients in crafting tailored cleaning plans that meet their distinct needs. Recognizing that each client has unique requirements, we ensure a personalized approach to accommodate specific requests. Contact Edomey, the leading cleaning company in Canada, today!

Janitorial Cleaning

Reduce Risk

Prioritize the vital aspects of your business and delegate your cleaning requirements to the capable team at Edomey. We handle scheduling, conduct comprehensive background checks, ensure adherence to industry standards, and manage insurance expenses for our cleaners. Rest assured, knowing that our devoted professionals are dedicated to flawlessly meeting your cleaning needs. Just book our janitorial services across Canada.

Janitorial Cleaning

Boost Productivity

Establishing trust among employees regarding their well-being is crucial for cultivating a productive workplace atmosphere. Consistent janitorial services in Canada can alleviate workplace stress and enhance overall productivity. Schedule with Edomey, the affordable cleaning company in Canada, today!

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In the bustling landscape of Canada, maintaining pristine environments is paramount for both commercial and residential spaces. With the demands of modern life, entrusting the cleanliness of your premises to professionals is not just a luxury but a necessity. This is where a reliable cleaning company in Canada steps in, offering comprehensive solutions to ensure hygiene and orderliness. Likewise, janitorial services in Canada play a pivotal role in upholding cleanliness standards across diverse settings. Let's delve into why investing in these services is not only beneficial but imperative for your space.

Why Opt for a Leading Cleaning Company in Canada?

  1. Expertise and Experience: Edomey, a reputable cleaning company in Canada brings years of experience and expertise to the table. We understand the nuances of different surfaces and materials, employing tailored techniques to deliver impeccable results.

  2. Comprehensive Solutions: Whether it's commercial spaces, residential properties, or industrial facilities, Edomey, a top-tier cleaning company, offers a wide array of janitorial services in Canada to meet diverse needs. From regular maintenance to specialized deep cleaning, we've got you covered.

  3. State-of-the-art Equipment: To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, being a leading cleaning company in Canada, we invest in cutting-edge equipment and eco-friendly cleaning agents. This not only enhances results but also minimizes environmental impact.

  4. Customized Plans: Recognizing that each space is unique, professional daily and weekly janitorial services in Edmonton, Vancouver, and other cities in Canada devise customized cleaning plans tailored to your specific requirements and preferences. This ensures thoroughness and client satisfaction.

  5. Time and Cost-Efficiency: Outsourcing cleaning tasks to experts saves you valuable time and resources. By delegating these responsibilities, you can focus on your core activities while enjoying a consistently clean and inviting environment.

When it comes to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness standards, janitorial services in Canada play a pivotal role. Our janitorial services encompass a wide range of tasks aimed at ensuring orderliness and sanitation across various settings, from offices to educational institutions to healthcare facilities.

The Importance of Janitorial Services in Canada

  1. Regular Maintenance: Janitorial services in Edmonton and other cities in Canada entail routine cleaning tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing surfaces. By adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, they prevent the accumulation of dirt and germs, promoting a healthier environment.

  2. Health and Safety Compliance: In settings like hospitals, clinics, and laboratories, adherence to stringent cleanliness standards is non-negotiable. Professional janitorial services in Canada are well-versed in industry regulations and employ practices that meet or exceed health and safety requirements.

  3. Enhanced Productivity: A clean and organized workspace fosters productivity and morale among employees. Janitorial services ensure that work environments remain clutter-free and conducive to optimal performance.

  4. First Impressions: For businesses, maintaining a clean and well-maintained premises is essential for making positive first impressions on clients and visitors. Janitorial services in Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto help uphold your brand image by ensuring that your space is consistently presentable.

  5. Sustainability Practices: Many janitorial services in Canada prioritize sustainability by using eco-friendly cleaning products and implementing green practices. This demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility while delivering exceptional cleaning results.

In conclusion, investing in a reputable cleaning company in Canada and availing top-notch janitorial services are indispensable steps towards maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in your space. Whether it's for commercial or industrial purposes, outsourcing cleaning tasks to professionals offers numerous benefits, including expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind. By prioritizing cleanliness, you not only elevate the aesthetics of your surroundings but also contribute to a healthier and more inviting environment for all.

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