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Create Clean, Safe Workplaces - Deep Cleaning Services Edmonton

Since the spring of 2020, deep cleaning services Edmonton and disinfection have taken centre stage in Canada and throughout the globe. The CDC, EPA, OSHA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other government agencies are always updating their recommendations, and you need the assistance of your commercial cleaning partners to stay on top of these updates.

Count on us! We put the safety and health of our customers on top priority. Edomey cleans for health as our cleaning chemicals that have been proven effective against viruses such as flu and coronavirus are used, and our experienced cleaners adhere to standards for disinfectant dwell durations. Order deep cleaning Edmonton today!

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What Are Deep Cleaning Edmonton Options?

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High-Usage Area Disinfection

High-touch locations like doorknobs and light switches are cleaned by our skilled cleaners using EPA-approved chemicals that eliminate pathogen-causing bacteria and viruses on surfaces. Chemicals are left on the surface for the necessary amount of time by cleaners to guarantee maximum efficacy. Order deep cleaning Edmonton today!

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Outbreak Disinfection

A thorough disinfection procedure taken by the cleaning experts at Edomey will eliminate any germs that may have survived on the surfaces. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used by our cleaning crews to ensure their own safety and the safety of others.

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Electrostatic Spraying Disinfection

During deep cleaning Edmonton we disinfects shared areas, personal spaces, and difficult-to-reach nooks and crevices in the office using electrostatic disinfection. Electrostatic sprayers are good in containing bacteria that cause the pandemic, the flu, and other respiratory disorders.

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Preventative & Post-Reopening deep cleaning Edmonton

In order to design a strategy that is tailored to each customer's specific requirements, we work closely with them. Following a normal cleaning plan done by qualified personnel may help limit the transmission of germs that cause sickness.

Edomey franchisees are distinguished from other janitorial services by their use of Edomey CleanCom® for instant communications, the Edomey Protection+ Disinfection plans for infection prevention, our cost-effective SmartClean programme, solid client support, advanced cleaning methods and equipment, EPA-registered disinfectants, and a commitment to green cleaning Edmonton.

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Edomey - 3 Health Cleaning System 

Edomey's Healthy Clean System™ provides three options for sanitizing and disinfection deep cleaning Edmonton to fulfill every customer’s demands.

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General & Commercial Cleaning

The health and safety of your staff and clients are of utmost importance to us while providing our hallmark high-quality commercial deep cleaning Edmonton and other cities in Canada.

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Speciality Cleaning

Our popular high-quality deep cleaning Edmonton, with disinfection of high-touch surfaces, help to maintain a clean and safe work environment.

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DeepCleaning Edmonton

This package includes all of our hallmark high-quality deep cleaning Edmonton, disinfection of high-touch surfaces, and sanitizing and disinfecting your whole workplace.

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