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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets bear the brunt of daily wear, accumulating dust, spills, and hidden contaminants. Over time, these elements, including soil, grit, food particles, and bacteria, can penetrate deep into carpet fibers, compromising their integrity. Despite being hidden, these issues can drastically reduce carpet lifespan. Rely on Edomey for professional carpet cleaning services, addressing these concerns effectively. Our professional carpet cleaning services are offered in many cities like Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, etc. Ensure the longevity and cleanliness of your carpets by reaching out to us for expert and thorough carpet cleaning services tailored to your commercial space. Contact us today for carpet cleaning services!

Daily Carpet Cleaning Services

Offering carpet cleaning services, we implement daily procedures to protect your carpets, ensuring a lasting pristine appearance.

  • Soil and Spot Prevention: We safeguard your carpets from outdoor soils and stains through a meticulously designed regimen. This includes regular sweeping, strategically placed walk-off mats, and applications of soil- and stain-repellent treatments.
  • Vacuum Cleaning Services: Carpets in high-traffic areas undergo daily thorough vacuuming to eliminate accumulated dirt and debris.
  • Daily Spot Removal: Promptly addressing daily soil or spot incidents ensures swift resolution, preventing them from setting in as stubborn stains. Trust our comprehensive carpet cleaning services for the ongoing care and maintenance of your carpets.

Deep Carpet Cleaning Services

Although daily vacuuming and spot treatment play crucial roles in carpet maintenance, occasional deep carpet cleaning services are indispensable for sustaining carpet longevity. Our carpet cleaning services encompass comprehensive carpet shampooing to fulfill this need.

  • Bonnet Cleaning: Utilizing a rotary floor machine, a specialized yarn bonnet, and suitable cleaning agents, our method efficiently dislodges surface-level soil from the upper carpet fibers.
  • Carpet Shampooing: Employing advanced equipment, we combine mechanical agitation with a high-foaming cleaner, effectively suspending soils for subsequent removal through dry vacuuming. Rely on our professional carpet cleaning services to ensure the lasting health and appearance of your carpets.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning Services

In areas facing high foot traffic, neglect, or situations where residues from prior cleaning demand a more intensive approach, our restorative carpet extraction services deliver an optimal solution.

  • Extraction Cleaning: Employing hot water and non-foaming cleaning agents, this method effectively injects and swiftly extracts them from the carpet, along with embedded soils, utilizing a robust vacuum system.
  • Specialized Carpet Treatments: Our offerings encompass various specialized applications, such as odour counteractants and protective treatments, designed to meet specific needs in professional carpet cleaning services. Trust our expertise to revitalize your carpets, booking professional carpet cleaning services, ensuring a thorough and customized approach to their restoration and long-term maintenance.

Experience the efficiency and eco-friendliness of our expert carpet cleaners offering professional carpet cleaning services across Canada for your business. Connect with us today to discover the breadth of our professional carpet cleaning services, meticulously designed to uphold the immaculate appearance and longevity of your carpets. Trust our skilled professionals to deliver a tailored and environmentally conscious approach, ensuring that your commercial carpets receive the utmost care for sustained cleanliness and durability.

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