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Office cleaning services. Edmonton

If you are looking for office cleaning services Edmonton and commercial cleaning, Edomey can offer its professional cleaning and janitorial services for different types of businesses and organizations in the city.

Professional commercial cleaning is what Edomey has been doing since 2016 in Canada. If you own a business and work in an Edmonton office, or have a commercial business like retail, medical, or educational facility, fitness, beauty, or spa services, a car dealership, or any industrial facility, a clean and neat working space is an essential part both for the owner and employees and for the customers.

Office Cleaning Services in Edmonton

Edomey cleaning company provides the best commercial cleaning including office cleaning services Edmonton and coworking cleaning services in Edmonton. Cleanliness is important for everyone:

  • employees - they will focus more on work,
  • customers - the first impression is very important and cleanliness plays an important part,
  • partners - they will see a well-organized organization.
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The Best Office Cleaning Services in Edmonton

We provide our clients with office cleaning services Edmonton to help keep the employees safe and healthy. We use eco-friendly and green cleaning products which are effective and safe for people and nature. We care a lot about ecology and pay attention to what we use and how it affects the environment. We disinfect everything in an office, including all common touch points like tables, chairs, keyboards, doorknobs, light switch plates, bathroom taps, toilet flushers, etc. We help to reduce the spread of germs in the areas where people work every day. When cleaning we use hospital-grade disinfectants to ensure we kill all of the germs.

Edomey is a full-service professional company, we do all janitorial work for commercial facilities. Contact us and order office cleaning services Edmonton.

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