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Eco-friendly cleaning services in Edmonton

Nowadays, it is impossible to ignore environmentally green and eco-friendly cleaning services in Edmonton, supplies and products especially working with big commercial facilities. All of us including cleaning companies have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment.

Most of modern cleaning products leave very toxic and hazardous chemicals. Sometimes, the air inside is more contaminated than the air outside. Edomey - the leading cleaning company in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary, Abbotsford, Richmond, and other cities in Canada provides eco-friendly cleaning services in Edmonton and uses eco-friendly, organic, natural, hypoallergenic cleaning products which are very effective and safe for people and nature.

Also, Edomey uses microfiber cloths which are more effective and sustainable, green detergents, supplies, and effective methods of cleaning commercial facilities.

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We think that deep professional cleaning, as well as the impact on our environment, are both very important today. We need to care of people and nature on the same level.

During cleaning, we use natural certified cleaning products with zero toxins, chemicals, and unpleasant persistent odors. We offer high-level cleaning services for different commercial facilities including clinics, dialysis centers, surgical facilities, and medical offices whose requirements for cleanliness are extremely high.

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Eco-friendly cleaning services in Edmonton

If you are looking for environmentally conscious and eco-friendly cleaning services in Edmonton and other cities of Canada, contact us. We'll setup the first walkthrough, discuss all necessary details, tell you more about green cleaning products we use, and create a convenient schedule for you to clean your facility.

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