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All You Need To Know About Waxing Floor In 2022

Is waxing a good idea or not? Keep an eye out for signs that your floor needs a waxing or other treatment.

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What Is Waxing Floor?

Waxing is a floor finishing process that became popular in the 1940s and involves applying a thin coating of clear or coloured wax to a hardwood floor and buffing it to a sheen. The wax may be comprised of solvents and synthetic or natural waxes like beeswax or carnauba. Waxes become a protective seal when the solvents in them are vaporized, and this seal has several advantages:

  • Increases stain resistance: The wax seal prevents floors from being stained by limiting the absorption of spills.
  • Minimizes minor imperfections: Wax diminishes or removes the appearance of superficial scratches, scuffs, etc.
  • Preserves underlying finishes: Wax works as the first line of defence against spills, dust, and dirt, keeping them from penetrating underlying finishes, such as oil, and extending the durability of the underlying finish.
  • Extends floor life: The improved durability of waxed flooring makes them possibly years more durable than unwaxed floors provided they are properly maintained.
  • Enhances beauty: Clear wax imparts a shinier appearance and glossier texture that cleaning or mopping alone cannot accomplish. Colored waxes, which are available in a variety of brown colours, provide these same advantages in addition to a beautiful tint that gives floors a richer, deeper patina.

When it comes to dents and gouges, wax isn't much help; it can't prevent warping or bulging caused by leaks or mild floods, for example. Wax is not the sole protective finish on a floor, but rather a last layer of protection.

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waxing floor services vancouver

Which Type Of Floor Needs Waxing?

When it comes to waxing office floors, here's floor types you need to know:

  1. Hardwood, includes flooring in the parquet style: It is necessary to wax all hardwood floors on a regular basis, whether they are brand new, built from reclaimed wood, or even antique floors that have been in place for at least a century. The porous wood surface is helped to be sealed with floor wax, which also protects it from stains, conceals scratches and dents, and boosts the gloss. The frequency ranges from every 6 months to every 18 months, depending on the amount of traffic and wear.
  2. Terra-cotta. Sealer and wax are often applied to terra cotta and other unglazed floor tiles as soon as they are placed. Other types of unglazed floor tiles may also be used. This brings out the nuances of their coloration, gives them a glossy or matte sheen, and protects them from stains. Periodically, the wax will need to be removed, the tiles cleaned, and then the wax will need to be reapplied. The frequency ranges from once per one to two years.

  3. Vinyl composition tile (VCT). VCT must be waxed as soon as it is placed, in contrast to other types of vinyl tiles that already arrive with a factory finish. After that, it has to be dewaxed and peeled at regular intervals. Frequency: once every six months to once per year.

waxing floor services vancouver

What Type Of Floor That Shouldn’t Be Waxed?

The list of floors that should not be waxed is far broader than the list of floors that should be waxed.

  • Engineered Hardwood: Many of today's hardwood flooring are engineered hardwood planks, which consist of a thin layer of hardwood glued over plywood and are offered as engineered hardwood planks. They already have a factory finish that is acrylic applied to them. Use the floor cleaning that is recommended by the flooring manufacturer together with a moist mop, but be sure not to completely submerge the floor in water.
  • Wood laminate. Particleboard serves as the foundation for laminate wood flooring, which also has a layer that resembles photos attached to its surface. Similar to engineered hardwood, laminates come with a factory finish and do not take on the characteristics of wax. Use a spray cleaner designed specifically for laminate floors to clean them, and apply it using a microfiber pad or a mop that does not contain lint.

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  • Bamboo. The vast majority of bamboo flooring already has a finish applied to it, therefore waxing it is not necessary. Instead, use a natural solution that is permitted for use on bamboo, such as Better Life Natural Floor Cleaner, to clean floors made of bamboo.
  • Natural stone: It is not a good idea to combine wax with natural stone. "wax will not enable your stone to breathe and will finally need to be scraped from the stone," as stated by The Marble Restoration Company. Additionally, wax can fade natural stone, which is probably not the effect you are going for. Clean instead using a solution that is designed for porous stone surfaces, and be sure to reseal it on a regular basis with a sealer designed specifically for natural stone.
  • LVT. Because the finish of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is impermeable and does not absorb wax, waxing LVT will result in dullness and product buildup. LVT may be cleaned with a damp mop. Instead, you should select a polish that is appropriate for LVT flooring and is simple to apply.
  • Ceramic Tile. Ceramic tile that has been glazed has a surface that is impermeable and will not absorb wax. Use a sealant instead, around once a year, to preserve the grout as much as anything else, and it will last considerably longer.
waxing floor services vancouver

Professional Floor Waxing Tips

  • Before applying a fresh coat of wax on hardwood floors, the previous layer must first be removed using mineral spirits.
  • Waxes in the form of paste may only be applied by hand using cheesecloth or a cotton muslin towel.
  • The application of liquid waxes may be done using a sponge mop or a mop stick that has a microfiber pad attached to it.
  • It is possible to apply stone sealer using either a paintbrush or a paint roller.
  • The application of an acrylic floor finish may be done with either a sponge mop or a mop that has a microfiber pad attached to it.
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