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How Often Should Office Floors Be Waxed?

Since when did your facility's floors last get a thorough cleaning and waxing job? What time has passed? Has it been a couple of months or a couple of years? Floors are often overlooked, and we practically walk all over them.. They are subjected to everyday damage, and you may not be aware that your floors are truly an investment in the long run. You should take precautions to safeguard your investment. A floor that has been ignored for an extended period of time may end up in a situation that is beyond repair, and the expense of replacing a floor is far more than the cost of properly maintaining one. Edomey | Floor Waxing Services

Why Is Stripping And Floor Waxing Service NECESSARY?

Your facility will seem cleaner and more welcoming if your floors have been stripped and waxed to achieve the required sheen. Stripping and waxing the floor eliminates the dirt and grime that accumulates over time. The procedure produces a protective layer between the floor and any potential threats. Moisture and water damage are less likely to cause damage and warping to floors that have this protective layer applied.

The act of stripping and waxing also improves the upkeep of the floor. Protecting the floor from wear, dirt buildup, and scratches are made possible by the wax that is applied after the floor has been cleaned and rubbed down. As a result, your floors are protected by an invisible layer that acts as a lubricant between two heavy things, like furniture, that rub against them on the surface of your floor.

In the long run, your floor's finish will be more durable, particularly in high-traffic areas. That's why floor waxing services are important for all offices area.

floor waxing service

How Often Do You Need Floor Waxing Service?

The amount of wear on your floor will dictate how often you should strip and wax it, but stripping and waxing your facility's floors around once or twice a year is advised.

During the Summer and Winter vacations, for example, schools should clean and polish their floors. School floors are subjected to a lot of wear and tear, therefore they should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Regular stripping and waxing is a good idea if your facility's floors get as much foot traffic like a school or are exposed to excessive wear and tear. Every year or six to twelve months for high-traffic commercial locations, such as restaurants or retail establishments, floors should be scrubbed and waxed. This will keep your floor looking its best!

How Long Does Floor Waxing Service Take?

When it comes to stripping and waxing, most floors may be done in a single day if the area is small. The Summer and Winter breaks are often used to finish large-scale projects, such as schools since these projects might take weeks to complete.

There is typically roughly fifteen minutes of drying time before agitation begins when employing chemical stripping agents. This process takes place overnight and may be utilized on the following day.

A low-odour stripping chemical should be utilized in more sensitive areas, such as a hospital or nursing homes. When stripping and waxing floors at a hospital or long-term care facility, the procedure is done sequentially, so patient rooms may be utilized while the floors are being cleaned.

Taking good care of your floors is an important part of protecting your investment. Contact us immediately if you're unsure of what procedures to take to keep your flooring in good condition! We'll come over and have a look at them, and we'll be able to offer you some suggestions as to what kind of work is required to bring them back to their former glory.


DIY Waxing: What Waxing Techniques Achieve The Test Results?

Waxing hardwood floors involves three steps: preparing the surface, applying the wax, and polishing it.

1. Surface preparation:

  • Get rid of all the carpets and furnishings in the space.
  • Use mineral spirits or a commercial product like Trewax's Instant Wax Remover (available on Amazon) to remove old wax off two-foot portions at a time until no more wax residue comes off. Steel wool may be used to remove tenacious wax buildup.
  • To remove loose wax and dust from the floor, use a microfiber cloth pad to dry-mop or vacuum with a dust brush attachment.
  • Use a sponge mop to eliminate remaining filth if dusting didn't do the trick. When cleaning hardwood floors, divide the room into three-foot parts and clean each area using a store-bought hardwood floor cleaner or a homemade version using one quarter-cup of dish soap and a gallon of warm water. To remove any remaining cleaning, damp wash the floor with water and then dry it with a clean towel.

2. Applying The Wax

  • Protect yourself from wax solvent vapours by using gloves and a dust mask.
  • Before applying solid paste wax, kneel down and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Solid paste wax should only be done by hand (knee pads ought to help). Remain erect if using liquid wax.
  • If you're going to use solid wax, you'll need a putty knife and a lint-free towel. The fastest way to apply liquid wax is using a sponge mop.
  • With a putty knife, scoop a spoonful of solid wax onto a soft, lint-free cloth and rub it in. A spoonful of liquid wax, either straight from the container or bottle, should be applied to the hardwood floor before dipping the mop head.
  • Using a cloth or sponge mop, apply a thin coating of solid wax or liquid wax in one- to two-foot areas. Starting at one end of the room, work your way toward the exit, waxing hardwood floors in the direction of the floorboards as you go.. To finish the room, add extra wax to the cloth or to the floor after you've used up the first batch.
  • Wait for the first coat to dry completely, which may take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the product.
  • Allow each coat to dry before applying the next one, following the manufacturer's instructions. For finished wood, a single coat of solid paste wax or two coats of unfinished wood will usually enough, but liquid wax often necessitates two to three applications at a minimum since each coat is significantly thinner.
  • It's time to buff once the last application of wax has dried to a haze.
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3. Buffing.

  • In order to remove liquid wax, use a sponge mop with an absorbent head, and then wipe the mop or towel over two-foot lengths of the floor at a time to remove the wax. The best place to begin is at the same corner of the room where you started, and buff in the same direction as the grain of the wood.
  • When buffing liquid or solid wax, consider renting an electric floor buffer/polisher (rental rates at Home Depot start at $30 for half a day).
  • Before moving furniture or treading on a newly waxed floor, let it sit for at least eight hours undisturbed.

We hope this post will help you discover the best facility management firm. If you have any concerns regarding stripping and waxing your floors, please give us a call at 236-990-5959 or click here to read more about Edomey!