Veterinarian Office cleaning services Vancouver

Veterinarian Office cleaning services Vancouver: cleaning services by Edomey

Are you aware of the unique cleaning requirements of your veterinary hospital? With daily foot traffic from a variety of pets and their owners, it's crucial to keep your facility clean and tidy. To ensure that your veterinary clinic in Vancouver remains hygienic, you should aim to clean it thoroughly on a daily basis and address any messes as they occur. Edomey provides veterinarian office cleaning services Vancouver.

The waiting room is the first area that needs attention. It's the most heavily trafficked area and often gets dirty quickly. Since animals can shed or slobber, and sick animals might vomit or have accidents, you'll need to use an effective disinfectant to clean surfaces such as chairs, benches, windows, and floors. Additionally, it's essential to sweep away any animal hair and dust that may have accumulated. Don't forget to clean the entrance area, particularly during inclement weather, when there's a high likelihood of dirt and paw prints being tracked in. We, in Edomey, offer veterinarian office cleaning services Vancouver.

Veterinarian cleaning services Vancouver

Veterinarian office cleaning services Vancouver

Next, you'll want to focus on the animal exam rooms. These areas require a similar cleaning process as the waiting room. Clean all surfaces, including countertops, pet scales, chairs, sink areas, handles on cabinets and doors, and light switches.

Moving on to the pet surgery and treatment rooms, where more complex procedures occur, you'll need to follow proper waste management guidelines. Additionally, be sure to sanitize kennels, clean up pet messes, and remove pet hair from floors and surfaces using safe and effective cleaning products.

Veterinarian Office cleaning services Vancouver

Veterinary staff areas

Your staff kitchen, restroom, and office areas are also essential areas that require cleaning. Ensure that food and coffee messes are cleaned up, bathrooms are sanitized and well-stocked, and all staff areas are wiped down, including phones, chair handles, desks, and doors.

Finally, to conclude your veterinary clinic cleaning, empty all waste cans, replace liners, and vacuum and mop tile floors. With this thorough cleaning, your veterinary hospital will be left sparkling and smelling fresh, giving pet owners confidence in the level of care you provide.

We also offer specialized veterinarian office cleaning services Vancouver, including stripping, refinishing, and buffing tile floors, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning!

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