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Proposals for Janitorial Cleaning Services That Win

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to cleaning services. Focusing just on pricing for the cleaning services proposal may be a mistake. Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Services Vancouver.

There's more to janitorial cleaning services bids than just money. Sure, you need to keep your prices competitive, and yes, clients will take this into consideration when choosing a cleaning service provider. Even though all of the bids will be based on the cost of providing the service, it's possible that most of them will have similar prices.

If you want to make your cleaning services bids stand out from the others, you'll need a lot of things out of simply an eye-catching value proposition. A consumer's decision to accept or reject your offer is heavily influenced by a variety of factors, such as your special offers, corporate values, and the level of customer service you provide. You must exhibit your uniqueness and differentiate yourself from the competition. And it's not uncommon to find them in addition to the price.

It's beneficial to both you and your clients to place a high emphasis on your company's entire worth when preparing cleaning services bids. Customers are inclined to conduct business with your firm if they feel that you share their values and interests. A client base that shares the same vision and values as your firm is the finest kind of working relationship you could hope for.

So how do you go about writing cleaning proposals like this? In addition to offering reasonable pricing, here are some pointers on how to really wow your consumers.

What Is Cleaning Bid Proposal?

In a cleaning services proposal, you outline precisely what your cleaning firm will accomplish for a certain person or organization. Including all services, a plan of action, and the cost should be included in it. It's your aim to convince a prospective consumer to choose your cleaning service above any other competing offers.

What should be included in a bid proposal for cleaning services?

What should be included in a bid proposal for cleaning services? Bid proposals that are targeted to the demands of the client contain specifics on all of the services you plan to provide. At a minimum, your proposal should contain the following:

  • Particulars of the job (description of tasks)
  • Completion time estimate
  • Hourly or job-related rate (whichever your business prefers)
  • Schedule for routine cleaning
  • Cost in total

Discover 7 Ways Your Cleaning Services Proposals Can Seal The Deal!

1. Be Specific:

When discussing how fantastic your firm is, do not just say it as fact and expect it to resonate. While the majority of businesses will assert their superiority, not all will make the effort to explain why. Have you received recognition for your work? Are you in possession of any client testimonials? How long have you kept a client? Being thorough with these facts demonstrates more than that you're the finest; it demonstrates that you really are one of the best.

Changing the topic of discussion to focus on your company's "why" may have a significant influence on how customers see your brand.

What your firm does is just evidence of what you believe in—your why.

What is your "why" in this situation?

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Communicate Why You Do What You Do!

2. Include Testimonials

There are a surprising amount of cleaning firms using their proposal templates to simply showcase samples of their service. It doesn't suffice. Showing that you comprehended the client's problems and devised a workable solution is essential if you want to be taken seriously.

Confidence is a nice thing, but it's even more vital to know what others think about your cleaning business.

That's why a good cleaning service proposal includes social evidence in the form of testimonials. Using the views or behaviours of others to influence one's own behaviour is known as "social proof." Reviews, case studies and endorsements are excellent methods to show that your company is capable of doing what you say it does. Think of McDonald's - "Over 99 billion served."

This is when customer reviews come into play!

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However, the cleaning services sector is very competitive and doesn't lend itself to celebrity endorsements, so irrelevant testimonies won't have an influence.

Make sure you have a range of client testimonials available so that you can personalize your social proof for the particular firm.

A reference from another dentist's office that you've cleaned would be ideal for a dentist's office proposal. Instead, seek a testimonial that addresses the identical issues your potential customer raised with you during the walk-through with a client representative.

3. Show Your Certifications

If you have any certificates, be sure to include them in your cleaning services proposal. Don't simply state that your organization has been certified; instead, provide proof. A consumer may not even realize that what you say is only an attempt to impress them. Instead, make a list of your certificates, the path you took to get them, and the employment you've been able to get as a result of them. Mention any individual certificates that members of the team may have. Potential consumers will have an understanding of the range of specialist services that you can provide and whether or not you have relevant qualifications for their cleaning demands.

4. Communicate How Your Cleaning Services Impact Client's Businesses

Make sure your cleaning bids aren't too generic that they fail to answer a particular client's requirements, and this brings us to our last point: You've wasted a chance to demonstrate to a customer that you can satisfy their unique requirements and that you're not simply a generic cleaning business if you just showcase your waxing and buffing services when someone requires carpet cleaning. Make sure you're speaking to the needs of the individuals you're attempting to win over before putting pen to paper and delivering your proposal.

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When it comes to B2B services, your customers are 100% trade people, and it's easy to forget that while you're selling your cleaning services to other companies.

If staff are permitted to perform the cleaning themselves in a big company, a fresh, clean environment may enhance team morale, reduce sick days, or even increase productivity. In a smaller company, the influence may be concentrated on a single employee, such as the receptionist who is responsible for making sure the area is welcoming to visitors.

Clean and disinfected spaces are vital, regardless of the size of your prospect's firm. In the wake of the pandemic, a new standard of cleanliness was created, one that will stay in place long after the threat of the disease has passed. A clean workplace may make or break a company's image, so don't be afraid to emphasise it in your presentation, even when things are slowly returning to normal.

In any case, be as descriptive as possible so that your prospective customer can see the change. Every child care professional (and parent) wants to hear that the children in their care are less prone to becoming sick because of a clean environment.

5. Demonstrate your dedication to your customers.

How can you convey how committed you are to client satisfaction?

When the Swept founders conducted their own cleaning business (before to shifting to janitorial software), they advised customers as follows:

  • We'll compensate you for terminating our employment.
  • Yes, you read it correctly.

They offered to reimburse their client's last month's payment if they wanted to locate a different cleaning business. While this is a bold assertion, consider how often they were taken up on their offer. None.

Whatever your gimmick, express clearly to the consumer what they can anticipate when they engage your commercial cleaning business, as well as what you intend to do to guarantee they are satisfied with your service.

6. Digital Signing

One of the primary reasons companies are unsuccessful is that they do not provide clear directions on how to purchase from them. Prepare a proposal template that includes a 'Next Steps' page that you should not need to modify in any way. Simply outline the subsequent steps for your customer and invite them to digitally sign by inputting their name and clicking Accept.

All digital signatures are lawful and compliant in their entirety.

7. Follow Up.

In many circumstances, your prospective customer may get offers from many cleaning businesses, so you must ensure that yours receives the attention it deserves. Whether they're occupied conversing with your rival or just haven't had a chance to review it, a tiny shove never hurts.

We learned that a timely reminder not only keeps your proposal front and centre but also helps complete the transaction. Cleaning bids that include automated reminders are 43% likely to close than those that do not, so do not be hesitant.

However, determining when to send that reminder is the most difficult aspect. Proposify provides real-time stats that enable you to monitor the number of times prospects spend studying your offers.

With 41% of winning offers signed within 24 hours of opening, these indicators are critical for determining whether to intervene to close the sale.

Most of this is easy to set up as part of your proposal template. The rest is just a matter of digging into some of the details. So before you offer another proposal, take a close look at what you have. Ask yourself how your company stands out. If it isn’t clear on the proposal, it might be time to reevaluate your template and give it an upgrade.