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Deep cleaning services Vancouver by Edomey

Edomey offers deep cleaning services Vancouver and other cities in British Columbia and Alberta. We have been working since 2006 providing an excellent cleaning service to lots of commercial facilities. We have more than 200 employees all over Canada, and we help to clean more than 1.5 mln sq. feet every day. Our mission is to provide a great customer experience through professional, performance-driven, high-quality, and customer-centered cleaning and janitorial services.

Edomey offers different types of cleaning services including deep cleaning services Vancouver. Among Edomey's clients, there are big malls, clinics and veterinaries, grocery stores, banks, property management companies, and large integrated facilities management service providers. We care a lot about the cleanliness of businesses and organizations and the health of clients, employees, and our nature.

Providing deep cleaning services Vancouver, Edomey uses 100% eco-friendly and green cleaning products. It has Edomey Protection+ Disinfection Plans for infection prevention - an effective and efficient service. Edomey always has been focusing on improving its services and communication, software and hardware, training employees, and caring for the Planet.

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Edomey works on building positive, long-term relationships with new and existing clients on a local level by giving them great services and great results. Hiring our company of well-educated cleaners for deep cleaning services Vancouver, you may be 100% sure you will get an excellent service for your business.

Edomey works in different cities across Canada offering the best commercial cleaning services in Edmonton, Calgary, Victoria, Burnaby, Richmond, Langley, Surrey, and deep cleaning services Vancouver.

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