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All You Need To Know About Building Maintenance Services

Your workplace is an enduring building that was designed with care. By having a professional building maintenance services company, you can help ensure that everything continues to function as it should even as the building becomes older, which can save you both time and money in the long term. Edomey | Professional Building Maintenance Services.

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What is Building Maintenance Services?

When it comes to businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes,Building maintenance services encompasses a broad range of different responsibilities. It involves a significant amount of labour that takes place "behind the scenes" to guarantee that a facility or structure continues to provide its occupants with the functionality and comfort they need.

Building maintenance services usually include cleaning common spaces, removing garbage on a regular basis, and fixing anything that is damaged. Inspecting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and other utility services may be part of the job description.

In certain instances, the maintenance of the structure extends to the outside property as well, which may involve the administration of the sprinkler system, the care of the grass, and the management of the landscaping.

4 Common Types Of Building Maintenance Services

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#1. Routine Building Maintenance Services

The facilities need a certain level of maintenance in order to look their best, keep the environment safe, and fulfil the purpose for which they were designed. Repair personnel on a building undertake routine inspections to identify problem areas and then carry out the necessary maintenance after making their assessments.

Altering a worn doorknob, lubricating a creaky hinge, or exchanging a warped floorboard are examples of the kind of routine repairs and maintenance that should be performed on a structure. Workers in the maintenance department could look for light bulbs that have burnt out and replace them, alter the filters in the air conditioning system, or repair locks that are difficult to use.

When working in an industrial environment, a person responsible for maintenance could follow a predetermined timetable when doing normal maintenance operations on machinery and equipment. These can include tasks like lubricating the bearings or replacing the hydraulic fluid.

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#2. Electrical Installations Maintenance

By having licensed individuals do the installation of and maintenance on the electrical system, the safety of the system may be ensured. It is essential to perform routine maintenance checks on the installation and to keep accurate records of these inspections and repairs. The following time periods are suggested as appropriate for checking:

  • Earthing test – Once a year
  • Insulation – Twice a year
  • Polarity – Once in five years.
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#3. Preventive Maintenance

The purpose of doing preventive maintenance is to forestall the failure of equipment as well as the emergence of maintenance-related issues in structures and services. The results of routine inspection surveys are used as the foundation for carrying out preventative maintenance work. The prevention of degradation of building components due to mould, insect infestation, water damage, excessive use, unintentional damage, and other issues is the goal of the building maintenance known as preventive building maintenance.

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#4. Protective Maintenance

A thorough cleaning and repainting may be required for some surfaces in addition to an aesthetic evaluation. Steel surfaces, such as stairs, entry pathways, awnings, and other aesthetic components, need protection from the weather in addition to the appropriate coating in order to avoid corrosion and degradation. With order to maintain their resilience over time, structural components like beams and pillars need to undergo routine inspections and be coated in protective materials.

Types Of Building Maintenance Services Workers

Building maintenance services Workers are often categorized into different groups based on their levels of experience and the duties they take on.

  • Janitor: A janitor is someone who is in charge of keeping a building or institution clean. Mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, and washing windows and glass doors all fall under this category.
  • Maintenance technician: Maintenance technicians are the members of the team that are responsible for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining the various building systems, such as HVAC, electrical, and water systems. Work orders are often used to allocate duties, and maintenance staff report to supervisors who are responsible for monitoring the activities they do.
  • Maintenance Supervisor: Supervisors are responsible for organizing, delegating tasks to, and managing a group of maintenance employees for the course of a given shift. They go through incoming work orders in addition to short-term and long-term goals to determine the sequence in which the maintenance department's work should be completed for the day or week. The interviewing, recruiting, and training of maintenance staff are all tasks that fall within the purview of a maintenance supervisor's personnel responsibilities.
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Example of Building Maintenance Services

Each and every day, the building maintenance staff is responsible for ensuring that all of the building's systems, repairs, and continuing activities are completed successfully. A significant portion of the work that the maintenance crew does is often taken for granted by other workers of the company. They merely anticipate that the structure will be kept clean, that the snow will be removed during the winter, and that the air conditioning will be turned on during the summer when it is quite hot.

One kind of company that has different requirements at different times is an apartment complex. The management demands frequent maintenance of the property's grass and garden, in addition to the cleaning and repairing of individual apartments as occupants move in and out. Residents are responsible for submitting work orders, whether it be for the repair of household appliances or for the elimination of pests. It is also necessary to tidy the common spaces.

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Who Needs Building Maintenance Services?

  1. Businesses: Building maintenance services are required by almost every single commercial enterprise. These tasks are tucked away under general operations at smaller firms, while the services themselves are contracted out. In order to effectively handle these requirements, larger firms often have an in-house maintenance staff.
  2. Residential complexes: Apartment or condominium complexes often employ a staff of building maintenance employees to inspect, repair, and manage all of the complex's interior and exterior maintenance requirements. These personnel are responsible for the overall upkeep of the complex.
  3. Government Facilities: Building maintenance teams are employed by municipal governments to guarantee that public facilities such as city halls, post offices, and libraries are in adequate operational condition to meet the requirements of the general public.

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