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9 Easy Steps to a Spotless Warehouse

A tidy warehouse is essential for the proper functioning of daily activities. In fact, when workplaces are well-organized, both productivity and morale soar.

Warehouses, for instance, must have unobstructed passageways to prevent employees from entering restricted areas. Vehicles like picking trucks need pathways to navigate the warehouse. In warehouses with lots of dust, workers are prone to respiratory issues. Having to labour in a filthy warehouse increases both difficulty and risk.

In any case, if you have no idea where to begin, professional warehouse cleaning services may be a very intimidating prospect. Here are some of our experts' best suggestions for keeping a warehouse clean.

warehouse cleaning services

1. Establish a Regular Cleaning Routine

With so many people working in such a large area, it's important to have a strategy in place before confronting any problems that may arise. Warehouse loading docks and other high-traffic areas should be prioritised when creating a cleaning programme.

For reasons of both health and efficiency, it is essential that each worker's space be kept clean on a regular basis. In most cases, you'll only need a few minutes of your time before clocking off to do this. Figure out what needs to be cleaned on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Making use of a calendar and corresponding sign-off lists can help you avoid forgetting or duplicating any events.

warehouse cleaning services

2. Empty Garbage Bins

Despite its apparent obviousness, many employees fail to empty a full trash can because they mistakenly believe someone else is responsible for doing so. When garbage collection is everyone's job, trash won't pile up. Having trash cans that are always full is a major hassle at a storage facility since it causes two issues:

  • When workers refuse to use garbage cans, they must find another location for their waste. If your warehouse's trash cans are continuously overflowing, you can expect to find trash in unexpected places. Signs of a lack of regular trash pickup include empty coffee cups and paper towels on desks and floors.
  • Employees have been seen piling trash on the container. Try as you might, stacking trash won't be as easy as playing Tetris, and you may end up in a dangerous situation. Don't let trash accumulate in the streets by emptying cans often.

Workers are aware of where to deposit their lunchtime trash, but where should empty trash cans be taken? In order to maintain a clean working environment in the warehouse, it is important to educate staff members on proper waste disposal procedures.

3. Separate Garbage

Proper trash disposal is different from just getting rid of your trash. We are committed to offering eco-friendly cleaning products since they protect the well-being of our world. Listed below are three products that, when disposed of properly, can help your warehouse become greener and cleaner:

  • Wooden pallets often don't last long in storage facilities. If treated properly, pallets may be used again, reducing waste from discarded wood.
  • Flattening cardboard boxes is a space-saving technique. Boxes should be totally flattened and as much tape removed as feasible.
  • White styrofoam packaging is often misplaced in the trash, yet it may really be recycled. If your warehouse's trash and recycling are collected in alternate weeks, careful sorting is essential. Styrofoam should be placed in blue or transparent bags and recycled to reduce waste.

Don't forget that time and square footage are valuable commodities at a warehouse. Your goods should not have to compete with trash.

4. Assess your cleaning habits

When starting a new habit, it's tempting to revert to previous habits. Look at what works if your warehouse has effectively maintained cleanliness. If not, an honest and comprehensive review may highlight gaps and aid improve future cleaning.

Quarterly evaluations are a great method to understand how your warehouse cleaning requirements evolve over the year. Warehouses, for example, may prefer to have their carpets and floors cleaned more often throughout the winter.

If you're not sure where to begin, Edomey Cleaning has you covered with cleaning experience and free consultations.

5. Stock Products

Without the proper supplies, it is impossible to maintain your warehouse clean. Cleaning supplies are easily accessible and readily available in custodial facilities that are stocked and labelled. Maintain an inventory of cleaning items and placed orders when supplies are running short. Our staff can deliver and monitor warehouse items such as:

  • Garbage bags and hand soap
  • Air deodorizers Bathroom tissue
warehouse cleaning services

6. Don't Forget Hidden Area

Any ideas on which office spaces are cleaned the least frequently? It's the inaccessible and infrequently visited areas. The list of inaccessible warehouse locations is extensive. Dust accumulates in warehouses due to ceiling fans, structural supports, and shelves. Even the most well-organized warehouses may accumulate a thin coating of dust.

Because of the inherent risks, cleaning high places without a trained crew is not suggested. We provide high-level dusting to keep your warehouse clean and healthy from top to bottom.

7. Make Your Clean Microscopic

Since the pandemic, it has been standard practise to sanitise frequently touched surfaces like door knobs and light switches. Daily porters have been using antibacterial and antiviral treatments even before the coronavirus emerged. Even at the microscopic level, your warehouse will be clean if you utilise electrostatic disinfection during flu season. Bacteria reproduce fast, thus sanitising should be done periodically to prevent disease.

8. Buy Shelves

If you're in need of extra space, take a page out of the example of skyscrapers and construct higher. Shelving, like flats and condominiums, maximizes the available square footage. Not to overuse, the term, but shelves guarantee that everything you buy has a convenient "home." Shelves not only keep the warehouse neat and tidy, but they also improve safety by keeping products off the ground and out of the path of pedestrian traffic.

warehouse cleaning services

10. Hire Professional Warehouse Cleaning Service Companies

We at Edomey Cleaning are here to assist you if you find yourself unable to maintain your warehouse clean due to a lack of manpower, supplies, or time. Only hardworking employees can keep warehouses looking spotless on a regular basis. We are a commercial and industrial cleaning company with over 15 years of expertise.

We are located in Vancouver, BC and service all of BC and Alberta. Give us a call at 604-715-3486 or admin@edomeyenterprises.com.

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