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Why You Shouldn't Keep Your Office Messy?

Is the background of your computer screen covered with post-it notes? What's hiding on your desk? Is your guest chair buried in a mountain of outerwear? Your coworkers are watching you. Edomey | Vancouver Office Cleaning Services.

Adecco, a recruiting business, recently conducted a poll of over 1,000 employees and found that 57% of respondents said they judged their colleagues based on how clean or unclean their workstations were. The majority (almost half) blame it on laziness when they've been "appalled" by a coworker's workplace for being disorganized.

Jennie Dede, vice president of recruitment at Adecco, says, "With so many open office layouts nowadays, more people can look into your workplace, and they do judge." In many cases, it's personal. In their minds, you must be an unrepentant slob."

This follows a survey by OfficeMax last year that revealed that clutter in the workplace had a negative impact on productivity and motivation. According to Dede, "your performance is congruent with your workstation." "When everything is well-ordered and accurate, you're in the mood to work."

Having too much clutter might be a sign that it's time for a spring clean. Whether you work in a cubicle or the C-suite, here are some tried-and-true strategies for keeping your workplace clutter-free all year long.

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The Risks Of A Messy Work Environment

You might easily overlook the importance of keeping your workplace clean and neat, no matter how big or little your workplace is. In addition to filth, grime, and overall discomfort, ignoring a buildup of clutter may lead to some major health risks. A messy office may lead to these five problems.

Falls and stumbles

A workplace that is littered with piles of papers and other debris is not only unprofessional, but it may also be dangerous for workers. Injuries and time off from work might result from haphazardly arranged jackets, bags, and boxes. When it comes to tumbling down a flight of stairs, obstructions at the top provide the greatest risk.


Piles of paper or cardboard that are left lying about may be dangerous, particularly if they are near electrical equipment like photocopiers or computers. Clutter may also obstruct fire exits, which is against the law because of the hazards it creates. You'll have a safer workplace if you get rid of all the clutter.

Diseases that may be passed from one person to another

A messy kitchen with unclean dishes and mouldy food stimulates the growth and spread of bacteria and germs. It's hard to clean a messy kitchen correctly, which means that any infections transmitted by contact will swiftly spread among your staff.

The dangers posed by chemicals

Incorrectly kept cleaning items in your workplace kitchen or bathroom might put your employees at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals. In addition to keeping your workplace spotless, hiring a commercial cleaner who has been educated in the proper handling, storage, and usage of hazardous chemicals ensures that your cleaning supplies are secure and won't be a threat to your coworkers.

Depressed mood

It is difficult to work in an unclean and messy environment, which in turn has a negative impact on morale and production. On the other side, keeping your workplace neat, orderly, and pleasant keeps your employees happy, engaged, and eager to go to work each day. When it comes to open-plan workplaces, dirty or filthy behaviours may be clearly seen. Work to instil a sense of responsibility and responsibility for cleaning up after oneself in each member of your team.

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office cleaning services

Cleaning Your Office? What Should You Do?

1. Set A Weekly Appointment

Your coworkers will presume their project or proposal will be lost in the trash can of your dirty desk, according to Dede. To prevent clutter from building up and becoming overwhelming, it's critical to keep on top of it on a regular basis. Setting a weekly reminder to clean up your workstation for 15 minutes is a good idea, according to the author. Clean out your belongings, get rid of anything you no longer need and organize any stray documentation you may have.

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2. Set Limits

Don't be deceived by the illusions you tell yourself. Doing nothing but putting things into heaps accomplishes little to clear up clutter. An expert on organisation and minimalism named Peter Walsh argues that "the problem is not space; it's too much things." Set aside several areas in your workplace for distinct purposes, such as a computer workstation, a library area for your books, a supply storage area, and a file room for your archives. Set a restriction on how many things may go in each location. When your bookshelf is full, you should delete one book for every new one that you buy. Throw away or digitally archive anything that is more than a year old when your file cabinet is overflowing.

3. Desktop Is Not A Storage Space

Flat surfaces should be maintained free of clutter. Walsh recommends keeping just the items you'll need right away within arm's reach. The pens, staplers, and file folders that have been collecting dust should be disposed of. Instead, pare down the objects on top of your desk to the necessities alone, so that they don't take up too much space. For most people, it means a monitor and keyboard, phone, two pens, one notepad, a drinking glass, light, and one family picture in your most-used workstation. " Desk drawers and other specified areas should be used to store additional office supplies.

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4. Get it off the floor!

A clean floor can quickly brighten the atmosphere of a workplace. Bags, purses, and jackets, as well as a variety of pairs of shoes, rapidly take up the area and make it seem disorganized. To keep jackets, umbrellas, and bags off the floor, Jane Brown, founder of the organizing and design business Jane Brown Interiors, recommends installing hooks on the walls of your office or cubicle. Large bags and additional shoes should have a designated spot in a drawer or shelf. But watch out for overloading the studs. Cluttered cork boards and misaligned photos might erase the work you've put in to declutter your desk and floor.

5. Digital clutter must be eliminated.

While physical clutter may be depleting, Laura Stack, owner of the time-management consulting business The Productivity Pro, warns that digital clutter can be just as draining. It's estimated that the average person spends 30 to 60 minutes a day searching for something. Keep your digital files and email inbox organized the same way you would paper files: in a hierarchy of logically designated folders. Maintaining a minimalistic desktop layout and using calendar reminders instead of sticky notes on your display can help you stay on top of things.

6. Regularly sanitize

Maintaining order and cleanliness goes a long way. You must also avoid the accumulation of dust, filth, food stains, and fingerprints on the surface of your vehicle. Dede recommends using disinfectant wipes on a regular basis and cleaning your desk, phone, keyboard, and monitor once a week. Over three-quarters of employees surveyed by Adecco said a clean work environment improves productivity. The more clutter you remove, the more productive you will feel and the more positive your colleagues will see your workstation as a reflection of your professionalism.

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