Why Stripping & Waxing Floor Is Essential in 2023

Just how long has it been since the floors in your building were last scrubbed and waxed? How long has it been, a few months, a few years? We put in so much wear and tear on floors just by walking on them. The flooring in your home take a beating every day, but you should treat them like an investment because of how much money they can earn you. Make sure your money is safe. The expense of replacing a floor is far higher than the cost of maintaining an existing one, and a floor that has been ignored for too long may eventually deteriorate beyond repair.

Commercial Floor Requires Special Services: Why?

Stripping and waxing a floor yields a finish with the required sheen, giving your building an air of tidiness as a consequence. The less visible but more practical considerations are that scrubbing and waxing the floor eliminates the filth and grime that accumulates over time. Floors are protected from potential harm by this technique. In addition to preventing the floor from being distorted by water, this protective layer may also assist prevent damage from dampness.

Maintenance may be enhanced by stripping and waxing floors. The covering that remains after waxing will defend the floor against damage from foot traffic, dirt buildup, and scratching. This is because the polymers in the finish form an invisible layer on the floor's surface, protecting it by acting as a lubricant between two things (such as furniture or other heavy materials) that would otherwise rub against each other and damage the floor.

The final result will be a floor surface that holds up better over time, particularly in high-traffic areas.

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How Often Do You Need Floor Striping and Waxing?

It is suggested that floors in commercial and institutional buildings be stripped and waxed at least twice yearly, but more often if they see heavy foot traffic.

During the Spring and Fall holidays, for instance, schools should have their floors stripped and waxed. Floors at schools are subjected to significant amounts of traffic and may endure significant amounts of wear and tear, therefore they need to be frequently maintained.

A stripping and waxing plan should be considered if your facility's floors see as much traffic as a school or are exposed to excessive wear and tear. Depending on the amount of foot activity, commercial floors should be stripped and waxed once a year or every six to twelve months. In this way, you can keep your floor looking great for longer.

How Long Is The Process of Stripping & Waxing?

Most floors can be stripped and waxed in a day, however this obviously depends on the size of the area being worked on. Schools, for example, might take weeks to finish, therefore construction is often done during the summer and winter breaks.

It is recommended to let the floors remain with the chemical stripping solution for around fifteen minutes before agitating them. The wax may be used the following day after it has been applied and allowed to set overnight.

Sensitive environments like hospitals and nursing homes need a stripping agent with little odour. It takes more time to strip and wax floors at hospitals and nursing homes since the procedure is usually done by stripping and waxing half the floor at a time so that patient rooms may still be utilised throughout the process.


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