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Why Is Commercial Cleaning A Good Investment 2022?

The Edomey Cleaning | Commercial Cleaning franchise stands out from the competition as a potential long-term option for entrepreneurs looking to invest in the cleaning sector. An estimated $78 billion is spent each year in the commercial cleaning services business, which is almost three times the amount spent on consumer-focused home cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Is A Long-Term, Stable Business Concept.

The objective of Edomey was to construct a company that provided exceptional customer service, grew from a customer standpoint, and established a franchising model that gave franchisees the lifestyle they desired. Our consumers get first-rate service from a terrific brand,' says the company president." Our franchise concept, on the other hand, has proven to be a great success for our franchise owners. The outcome is beneficial to all parties involved, and it separates us from many other businesses."

Having your own commercial cleaning business can be quite rewarding, and Edomey Cleaning has over three decades of expertise to back up our claim to perfection.

Earning Limitless Potential From Commercial Cleaning Services Business

Greater earning potential is available to EDomey franchisees who target bigger companies that need cleaning services on a more regular basis, improving their revenue potential. As a consequence of enhanced earnings and margins on each invoice, as well as more consistent human scheduling and inventory management, more profits and a bigger margin on each invoice may be achieved.

As a franchise idea, Edomey Cleaning is unique in that we do not impose geographical restrictions on the markets available to our franchisees. It's fairly uncommon for two or more Edomey franchise owners to work together on a customer with many locations in the same region. On the other hand, most other cleaning franchises have to acquire more territory in order to grow their business.

While other industries may suffer during an economic downturn due to customers cutting down on "luxuries" and "extras," commercial cleaning is an "evergreen" company, whose clientele and schedules stay mostly unaltered even in a downturn.

For the last 16 years, Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services has been offering franchisees a strong foundation, an extensive support network, and the possibility for significant financial gain.

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