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Why Cleaning High-Usage Area Is Important

Maintaining a clean workstation – whether in an office building, school, medical clinic, or warehouse – may aid in the prevention of sickness transmission. But how can you assist preserve the health of staff and consumers in high-trafficked communal areas where illness transmission is common? Cleaning and disinfecting high-touch point surfaces may provide more effective protection against germs and viruses that stay on surfaces touched by dozens of individuals every day.

Define Your Business's High Traffic Area

A "high-touch point" is any surface that is often touched by hands. With each recurrent interaction, these surfaces might get contaminated with germs and diseases left by others.

Consider the following examples of high-touch point surfaces in workplaces:

Doorknobs handles, push plates, stair railings, light switches, elevator buttons, and bannisters are all examples of hardware.

Water coolers, vending machines, water fountains, coffee stations, seats, tables, workstations, and benches are examples of communal surfaces.

Surfaces in public restrooms such as flush buttons, toilet paper dispensers, faucets, toilets, and hand dryers

Refrigerator handles, microwaves, coffee machines, countertops, and cupboards are examples of communal kitchen facilities.

Remote controls, phones, thermostats, copy machines, printers, keys and keypads, and delivery boxes are examples of shared equipment.

High-Touch Point Surface Cleaning And Disinfection

The CDC reports that focused cleaning and disinfection of high touchpoint surfaces, along with routine handwashing, is particularly successful in reducing the transmission of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. To reduce the danger of cross-infection, the agency advises using EPA-certified disinfection products. The effective disinfection of high touchpoint surfaces necessitates the use of the appropriate chemical and acceptable contact duration. It is best kept clean with frequent professional cleaning services.

Every year, thousands of pleased clients rely on Edomey a prominent national franchisor of commercial cleaning services. Our services, which employ health-based cleaning techniques, are widely used in industrial settings, medical institutions, schools, gyms, and stores to assist maintain a cleaner and healthier atmosphere.

Our cleaning process targets doorknobs, light switches, workstations, display cases, and surfaces that are touched by a large number of people throughout the day. Our detailed commercial cleaning procedure may assist workplaces in a variety of sectors. This system necessitates:

- Disinfectants of hospital grade that eliminate germs on high-touchpoint surfaces

- Color-coded microfibre towels to aid in cross-contamination prevention

- Flat mops with no dip

- HEPA backpack vacuum cleaners

Looking For Professional Commercial Cleaning Services?

Many companies request particular disinfection treatments from our Edomey Franchise Business Owners for communal or personal contact points like file cabinets, chair adjusters, drawers, and service counters. Because the demands of each business vary greatly, we may create a tailored commercial cleaning plan for areas that need special care.

Edomey On-Demand Services include contaminated cleans after exposure events such as a COVID or flu epidemic, in addition to our normal services. We can also meet day-to-day requirements with day porter services. If the protection of your company's assets is a top concern, inquire about our Preventative Maintenance Services, which include hard floor care, upholstery cleaning, first-floor window washing, and difficult-to-clean grout lines.

Learn how Edomey's high-touchpoint disinfection and specialized commercial cleaning services may help you offer a healthier work environment. Contact us now for a no-obligation business cleaning quotation.