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What's Included In Office Cleaning Services in 2023?

To maximize efficiency, office managers should maintain a pristine work environment. You should also make sure that your workplace is a pleasant and healthy place for your workers to spend their time.

Schedule frequent office cleaning services to achieve this goal. You and your staff may clean the workplace on your own, or you can hire cleaners and handymen. Use this office cleaning checklist as a guide when organizing a cleaning schedule. This comprehensive office cleaning checklist details everything in your workplace that needs special attention during a cleaning session, as well as the frequency with which each item should be cleaned.

office cleaning services

1. Office Desk And Cubies

Take the following measures to clean and arrange all workstations, including individual desks, cubicles, and communal work tables.

  • It's important to keep computer monitors and keyboards clean and dust-free.
  • Reduce waste by recycling old newspapers and cans.
  • Clean the floor under and around any furniture.
  • Those office windows need some TLC.
  • Touchable objects including phones, lights, keyboards, fax machines, photocopiers, staplers, and more should be cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spread of germs and illness.
  • Various surfaces should be dusted, including desks, shelves, and other furniture.

2. Kitchen/ Break Room

Office kitchens and break rooms are often used. Here's a quick checklist to follow to ensure they stay neat and tidy:

  • Put food containers, leftovers, expired perishables, and other waste in the trash.
  • Prepare to clean and store dishes and silverware.
  • Get rid of waste and recyclables.
  • Remove any expired items from the fridge. Ensure that the refrigerator is clean.
  • Remove the used coffee grounds and wash the coffee maker.
  • Scrub and disinfect places like tables and kitchen surfaces where food is eaten and prepared.
  • Scrub the stove and the microwave.
  • Make sure the water cooler is stocked with plenty of water and glasses.
office cleaning services

4. Bathroom

Your workplace bathroom, like all restrooms, needs regular cleaning and disinfection. See below for advice on maintaining a clean, healthy, and risk-free environment.

  • Disinfect the restrooms and have them cleaned up.
  • Scrub and disinfect the sinks.
  • Clear the floor with a broom, and then clean it with a mop and disinfectant.
  • Disinfect all hard surfaces after you've cleaned them and thrown away paper towels and any other trash that doesn't belong in the recycling bin.
  • Substitute new rolls of paper towels and toilet paper with used ones.
  • Get some glass cleaner and clean the mirror.
  • Make sure that all of the hand dryers in the restroom are operational. Try to identify the source of the issue, and if that fails, contact a repairman or maintenance expert.

5. Outside Your Office

You should also tidy the outside of your workplace if there is one. Your company's initial impression is formed in part by its appearance. Make sure the following are taken care of regularly to maintain a clean appearance of your office's outside.

  • Remove any fallen leaves, branches, or other litter from the front walkway and threshold.
  • Clean up and arrange welcome mats in the appropriate locations.
  • Shine and remove grime and streaks from any glass surfaces by cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Avoid unpleasant odours and unwanted bugs by emptying outdoor garbage cans.
  • If trees or shrubs are blocking walkways, sidewalks, or entrances, prune them back.
  • Clear the parking lot of any debris, such as branches or snow mounds, that might cause accidents or make the area unsafe for pedestrians or motorists.
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office cleaning services

Last but not least, it's critical that your workplace not only has everything you need to get your job done but also looks and feels well-maintained, including the furniture, fixtures, and appliances you use every day. If you want to remain on top of everything that needs to be done to keep your office clean, use the finest office cleaning checklist we've provided above or contact professional office cleaning services like Edomey Cleaning. When you hire our janitorial services, you can be certain that your whole workplace will be spotless and conducive to productive work.

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