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What're Included In Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaners provide a comprehensive range of cleaning services for commercial and industrial establishments. Commercial cleaning is the term used to describe the process of cleaning commercial and industrial facilities professionally. Let's find out what to expect when hiring a commercial cleaning services company?

What Is Commercial Cleaning Services?

COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES BUSINESS is an agency that uses professional cleaners and professional commercial cleaning machines to provide janitorial and disinfecting services to commercial business facilities, such as the following:

To provide the best possible sanitary conditions and to meet the most exacting standards when harsh remediation or cleanroom construction circumstances are taken into consideration, commercial cleaning services companies like Edomey always have a service team of cleaners with years of experience in a wide range of industries and industrial cleaning machines which specialize in commercial cleaning.

Some commercial cleaning businesses like Edomey Cleaning utilize environmentally friendly materials and green cleaning methods in their daily operations. Using green cleaning products and techniques not only helps the environment but also protects the health of those who use the facilities.

Additionally, commercial cleaning firms are bonded and insured, which means that any damage or theft that happens during work will be covered for the client.

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Why Are Commercial Cleaning Services Important

Your office is where all of your transactions, ideas, and talks begin, so it's critical that it's kept tidy and functional over the course of the day. Instead of fretting about a mess, you want to be able to impress customers, preserve property value, and keep everyone on target. While keeping one's desk neat and tidy may be the job of an office worker, it's possible that office workers may be unable to manage the recycling, the garbage, or even clearing out the fridge if someone else has made a mess.

Consider the parts of your office or business space that may need a good cleaning. There are a number of things you should keep in mind while you're preparing your storefront for consumers and clients: Mopping and vacuuming, floor waxing, dusting, and even disinfecting the restroom, which may be available to customers, are all responsibilities of commercial cleaners. In order for the firm to communicate a message that cleanliness is important to them, they will have to be able to maintain this area.

Maintaining a clean work area is also an important consideration. A commercial cleaning service will remove your garbage, clean the floors and restrooms, sterilise the area where you eat, and do additional minor cleaning on a weekly or biweekly basis. Other services, such as equipment and technology dusting and window cleaning, may be purchased on a regular basis.

When this is done, you'll need to consider about the cleaning supplies and how your organisation will handle it. Many firms transport their own cleaning supplies, tools, and equipment, including the chemicals that are used to clean the workplace, to their new location. You should chat to the cleaning service to find out whether they can satisfy your specific demands.

Daily Commercial Cleaning Checklist

As soon as a potential client arrives at your company, they will be greeted by a welcoming receptionist. This is a space that should always be kept spotless, well-lit, and warmly welcoming. Everyone should be able to work in a clean atmosphere. Each employee will be more productive if their workspace is neat and orderly. Thus, commercial cleaning services's responsibilities include:

  • Empty garbage containers and replace liners. Use a washing machine as required.
  • Vacuum a hard surface.
  • Vacuum all floor coverings, including mats and carpets
  • Using a wet towel, wipe down the chairs, tables, desks, and other forms of furniture on all of their horizontal surfaces
  • Ensure that all of the furniture's horizontal surfaces — such as the seats, tables, desks, and so on — are dusted.
  • Disinfectants may be used to clean hard floors.
  • All areas should be cleared of cobwebs.
  • Garbage and recyclables should be removed from the front door.
  • All spaces must be cleaned and organised in an orderly manner.
  • Spot-clean painted surfaces and walls as necessary.
  • Door frames and light switches should be cleaned of fingerprints and other smudging.
  • Clean all of the inside glass surfaces.
  • Cabinets and doors are given a polished brass and bright finish.
  • Inside and out, wash the automated glass doors.
  • Etc.

Bathroom And Kitchen/Breakroom Cleaning Checklist

Having a sterilised and clean bathroom is essential in every workplace to maintain safety and limit the transmission of germs. Kitchens and break areas where employees would dine are also important. Even if no food preparation takes place in this area, it is critical that it remain hygienic and spotless.

  • Garbage must be removed from every area of the property.
  • Elements of the building, such as the staircases and elevators, should be kept
  • Disinfect the flooring of the kitchen and bathroom using a mop and disinfectant
  • The walls and partitions surrounding the bathroom sinks should be cleaned to remove any trace of splashes.
  • The tops of mirrors, frames, and dividers should be wiped clean.
  • All sinks should be sanitised and cleaned. Make everything shiny again.
  • Replace liners in garbage cans and clean them down if necessary.
  • Ensure that hand dryers and towel dispensers are sanitised.
  • Mirrors should be cleaned and polished.
  • Keep a supply of toilet paper, tissues, soap, and paper towels on hand.
  • Vacuum and clean any hard surfaces.
  • Internal door glass should be spot cleaned.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all toilets and urinals will be performed on both sides and then dried.
  • All the brass and shiny surfaces should be polished.
  • Etc.

Weekly Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Here are some examples:

  • Using a squeegee, clean all glass both inside and out.
  • All hard surfaces should be buffed using a spray bottle.
  • Etc.

Monthly Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Here are some examples:

  • Vacuum chairs and vents
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Clean inside refrigerator
  • Etc.

The cleaning checklists are provided differently between each commercial cleaning company in the proposal sent for the client's review.

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Edomey - Your Reliable Cleaning Partner

With 15 years of experience, Edomey | Office Cleaning Services is confident to become your long-term and reliable partner when it comes to professional commercial cleaning. We keep your business safe and sound from all the unnoticeable risks of germs and viruses by providing the most healthy and clean environment possible for your executive. Edomey's client is treated with respect and honesty at all times as we believe in the complete satisfaction of our partner. From the biggest account down to the smallest, we will never be satisfied until our customers are.

Your business benefits from unique features that set Edomey franchisees apart from other office cleaning services companies including the use of Edomey CleanCom® for instant communications, the Edomey Protection+ Disinfection plans for infection prevention, our budget-friendly SmartClean program, solid client support, advanced cleaning methods and equipment, EPA-registered disinfectants, and commitment to cleaning green. You can focus on your business, while our franchise owners keep your working environment safe and clean at a price you can afford

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