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What To Do If A Coworker Has COVID?

While many firms have reverted to pre-pandemic or hybrid modes of operation, the COVID-19 virus and variations continue to pose a concern in a number of organizations. Employers must be vigilant for possible viral epidemics among personnel infected with the delta and omicron strains. Proactive cleaning helps reduce the threat of COVID-19 or seasonal flu cases, but a higher level of cleaning is vital after a positive exposure by an employee, client or visitor. Edomey | Vancouver Commercial Cleaning Services is prepared to assist you.

Workplace exposure to COVID-19? Here's what to do.

Act Immediately

When an employee or customer tests positive for COVID-19 or the flu and may have contaminated your workplace, time is critical. To begin, while maintaining the individual's anonymity, notify anybody who may have been exposed to be on the lookout for symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that you isolate any locations that were used by the sick individual until they can be cleaned and disinfected.

Assure that any in-house cleaning or maintenance staff members promote air circulation during the cleaning procedure by opening doors and windows or employing fans. They should use protective masks and gloves while cleaning and sanitizing the exposed area, beginning with the sick person's workstation and supplies. Utilize EPA-approved disinfection treatments, adhere to authorized dwell times, and vacuum with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter device.

If you hire a professional commercial cleaning service, inform them immediately and arrange for a complete cleaning as soon as feasible. They should do the exact identical actions. Additionally, inquire about disinfection services from your industrial cleaner, which are more rigorous than ordinary cleaning. Inquire if they propose any further safeguards to safeguard your workplace.

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Workplace Checklist: 

1. Establish a safety plan.

2. Conduct background checks on employees and maintain attendance records.

3. Send employees home if they get ill on the job.

4. Confirm that the employee is relocating to a self-contained environment at home.

5. Determine when the employee's symptoms began.

6. Identify the infected employee's close connections (s)

7. Keep a daily record to aid in contact tracking.

8. Report any COVID-19 exposures to Vancouver Public Health.

9. Keep surfaces clean and disinfected

Disinfection Services

Our dedication to our customers and their workers' health and safety has always been paramount. As demand for comprehensive disinfection services expanded, Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services franchisees updated the service plans and invested in new equipment, such as electrostatic technology, to meet these demands. Electrostatic sprayers have become the new infection control gold standard. They disinfect both open and hard-to-reach places efficiently and are safe to use near electrical equipment and sensitive gadgets when used properly.

Since the pandemic started, office-setting clients have shown a greater demand for a professional commercial cleaning services company like Edomey. Your staff will enjoy having the highly-trained uniformed Edomey commercial cleaning services team as they can see the employer really cares about their safety.

Edomey's professional commercial cleaning services will guarantee that your offices, reception spaces, break rooms, and bathrooms are cleaned completely using the proper materials and techniques. We have expertise working in a variety of settings, including medical institutions, schools, churches, manufacturing plants, and, of course, office buildings. Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services adopted a three-tiered sanitization and disinfection service plan early in the COVID-19 epidemic, and our franchisees continue to provide this tiered plan to consumers.

You cannot go wrong as an employer by selecting Edomey | Commercial Cleaning Services. We have a demonstrated track record of offering superior sanitization and disinfection services that promote employee health. Visit a franchise store or call 604-715-3486 to obtain a free consultation with a complimentary quotation for all of your cleaning and disinfection requirements.