What Makes Edomey Enterprises Ltd. Stand Out

What Makes Edomey Enterprises Ltd. Stand Out

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About Edomey Enterprises Ltd.

We are a general cleaning company providing a wide range of residential and commercial cleaning services with an experienced team with over ten years of experience in cleaning.

We operate 24/7, are located in Burnaby, BC, and offer our services to the Lower Mainland. Our operations started in Edmonton, Alberta, and now we have moved our base to Burnaby to expand into the Greater Vancouver area, which includes Burnaby, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Langley, Richmond, Delta, Abbotsford, and North Vancouver.

The nature of our business recently changed with the onset of COVID-19. The importance of working in a sanitized environment created a new perspective for professional cleaning. As a result, we have introduced a weekly/bi-weekly reporting system to ensure customer satisfaction by receiving their feedback in a detailed format.

As a responsive team, we ensure open communication with the customer, along with frequent check-ins and visits, which makes us the ideal choice for your cleaning and sanitation needs.

The Edomey Enterprises Ltd Difference

We believe that it’s essential to inhale clean air and have a clean environment with a healthy life. To help fulfill our belief, we offer our clients a wide range of services, including floor, window, carpet cleaning, and any type of residential or commercial cleaning. What sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is our high-quality cleaning services offered at affordable prices.

Recent reviews show that we achieved a high rating for our services from all customers, which is in line with our goal to provide affordable expert cleaning services that lead to happy customers.

Our dream for the future is to evolve into a well-known and established company recognized by the cleaning industry.

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