Commercial window washing

What kind of businesses rely on commercial window washing?

Commercial window washing does not apply to only one type of business. Instead, it applies to all establishments that have windows but aren’t residential. Some of the most common businesses to invest in window washing include:


Restaurants want to give the impression their establishment is clean and put together, and it’s hard to pull this off convincingly with splattered or otherwise dirty windows.

Retail Stores

A dirty retail store window would be an automatic customer deterrent, so it’s essential that retail stores invest in regular window cleanings. Having cleans windows is invites people into your store.

Clean windows are very noticeable to anyone entering large window area like lobbies or display areas.

Dirty windows are not only an eyesore, but they reduce the amount of light that can come into a room from the outside. Do have windows facing out to public that need cleaning ?

How often should my office windows be cleaned ?

If you wonder how often your office windows should be cleaned, the answer is not simple. The how your building faces can influence how often your office windows get dirty, both inside and out.

Although an office surrounded by trees is beautiful, office windows will probably need frequent cleaning due to the birds and insects associated with trees as well as dripping sap in some cases.

In areas that get more rain or snow office windows need to be cleaned more often to remove mineral deposits in the water. You really do notice on a sunny day how dirty your windows are don’t let that happen. Contact Edomey Janitorial & Building Services.

office windows

Allows Natural Light Indoors

Clean windows allow natural light to flow inside, enhancing the look and feel of the space. Fluorescent lighting can make retail space appear cold and artificial. Allowing more natural light into the space helps create a balance and enhance atmosphere.

Improves Employee Mood

Natural light that comes in from clean windows is a great way improve employee mood, especially during the harshest days of winter. Natural light in the workplace can help with seasonal affective disorder and even help improve sleep cycles. Regular and restive sleep helps immune systems fight off many of those viruses that seem to get passed around regularly in the office.

First Impressions Matter

The first thing customers and visitors to your business see when they arrive is the exterior of the property. How they perceive your business immediately is influenced by the overall look, from landscaping to signage and the windows. If the front windows are coated in grime, especially a storefront window with merchandise display, the first impression often is negative which can have a direct impact on sales.

Natural Light

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