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What Is a “Spot Cleaning” on the Wall?

Do you remember when your walls were white?

That was a long time ago if you're anything like me.

However, all walls will eventually acquire a little layer of dirt, turning them off-white.

Thankfully, our expert cleaners can typically restore your walls to their original brilliant whiteness.

Although wall spot cleaning is part of your cleaning, a full wall washing is an optional upgrade.

In today's article, we thought we'd clarify our concept of "spot cleaning" to address some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning wall cleaning.


What Is Spot Cleaning?

The "spot cleaning services" of the walls are included in each and every one of spot cleaning.

However, what does "spot cleaning" really entail?

It is difficult to give an accurate description of a spot cleaning of walls because we do not have a concrete definition for the term, but in general, a spot cleaning of walls would be when there are only five to six small areas that need to be cleaned and the cleaning process takes no longer than ten minutes.

Consequently, items such as some crayon stains, some fingerprints, and maybe some food spatter in the kitchen in one or two spots would be examples of things that would need a spot cleaning.

The following is an example of what a wall looks like that requires spot cleaning:


If it's simply crayon (or anything else that quickly comes off) that easily comes off AND if it's just this one tiny place and not over the whole whole home, then it may be considered a spot cleaning. Even this wall, pictured below, can be considered a spot cleaning.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that a spot cleaning of each and every one of the walls shouldn't take more than around ten minutes overall. A spot cleaning is not the same as a comprehensive cleaning since it just targets certain areas.

In a nutshell, we have entered the realm of wall cleaning add-ons if it takes any longer than around ten minutes to clean all of the walls in your house as a whole.

When You Will Most Likely Require an Add-on for Wall Cleaning

A Long Time Has Passed Since They Were Cleaned

When years of dirt, fingerprints, and spatter have accumulated on your walls, you'll want to use a wall cleaning accessory.

You should get the wall cleaning accessory if you expect to spend more than 5 minutes scrubbing the walls.

Moving In or Out

We have also seen the need for a thorough wall cleaning following tenant turnover, particularly in rental properties where smoking has occurred.

Most people don't give dirty walls a second thought until they've removed all the room's furnishings.

The reason is that smudges and fingerprints are hard to notice since they blend in with the rest of the room's decor. If you take that element out of the equation, you'll notice a change.