what areas in your office require deep cleaning

What areas in your office require Deep Cleaning?

Just like certain areas of your home need a deep cleaning on a monthly or yearly basis, certain areas of your office need special treatment too. In fact, looking at these areas is a good way to assess your professional cleaning services, or to decide whether you need a professional to step in and do these tasks. Plus, these dirty spots may be making a bad impression on your customers, spreading germs, or just making your office a less pleasant place for you and your employees. Once you find them, you can resolve them.

So, where should you look for areas in need of deep cleaning? Of course, every facility is different. But we’ve found some common culprits that collect dirt and tend to be overlooked by other companies. Here’s our advice on where to direct your cleaning team.

Walls and Floors

Floors, especially carpets, get a lot of cleaning attention, but where they connect with the wall they are often neglected. Walls and the things that hang on them are almost never cleaned, which can make your workplace or office much dustier and dingier than it should be. Here’s where to direct your attention:

  • Baseboards: Dust always gathers on baseboards. Plus, they are typically white, so even small amounts of dust really stand out. We suggest weekly cleaning.

  • Walls: Walls collect dirt slower than floors, but because almost no one cleans them, they can become discolored and stained. Monthly wall cleaning is the best way to avoid repainting or repairing stained drywall. We pay special attention to spots on walls that tend to get dirtier faster, which includes behind desks, behind appliances, near heat sources and in bathrooms.

  • Curtains: Some curtains have collected so much dust and dirt that they aren’t even the same color they were when you bought them. A monthly curtain cleaning will help your workspace feel fresh and bright.


Almost all cleaning services will tackle the bathroom for you—but are they doing it well? Most company bathrooms need daily, not weekly, deep cleaning. Professional cleaning services should focus on these often-neglected areas:

  • Inside of garbage bins, personal hygiene bins

  • The base of toilets and under the toilet bowl rim

  • Walls behind toilets and sinks

  • The doors and walls of stalls

Call in the professionals at Edomey Enterprises to find these neglected areas and clean them for you.