office cleaning services Vancouver

Vancouver Office & commercial cleaning services: by Edomey

We are an experienced and professional office cleaning company Vancouver that can help you clean up your company headquarters so you can achieve a fresher look, make your team work more efficiently, retain your clients and make the most out of any business meeting. We have an eye for detail and a concern for making your company prosperous by eliminating any kind of waste, clutter or bacteria. Dust, trash, fungus, odours, spillages, clutter, all of these won’t be your problems anymore. We will deal with everything that stands in the way of your focus and business.

More than ever, keeping an office clean and free of harmful germs is of the utmost importance. Investing in professional office cleaning services Vancouver is the best way to ensure a spotless office space and in turn a better working environment.

Office cleaning services Vancouver

Besides increasing productivity, a clean office environment is one of the best ways to reduce absenteeism. A regular cleaning service Vancouver reduces germs and bacteria which are the main contributors to sickness being spread in an office.

office cleaning service Vancouver

Commercial cleaning services Vancouver

Edomey provides office cleaning services Vancouver area. Whether you manage a small scale company or a huge enterprise, you know how important having a neat

Window cleaning services Vancouver

Many modern offices today have beautiful windows as well as glass doors. While these are without a doubt aesthetically pleasing, they can also be prone to fingerprints and other blotches. A consistent office cleaning Vancouver includes window and glass cleaning which can go a long way to helping your office look professional and put together.

Floor Cleaning Vancouver

Floor care is an important part of an office’s overall hygiene however, it can often be a forgotten one. We will give the ground that you walk on the treatment it deserves and ensures that it is looking as good as new. This is especially important if you are living in a wet climate like Vancouver, where the tread of boots and shoes can add up to a lot of slush, water, and slime, which is a lot for any floor to take.

Washroom deep cleaning Vancouver

Employee washrooms are among the most touched and frequented areas of any office space, which means that they are also one of the spaces that need to be cleaned the most regularly. Our office cleaning services Vancouver will give a deep clean to your washroom to protect the well being of you and your employees

Vancouver office cleaning service

Kitchen deep cleaning Vancouver

Many office spaces provide their employees with a kitchen space. While this is convenient for food preparation and a great space for convivial coworker conversations, it is also a space that needs to be regularly deep cleaned.

Dust removal

The accumulation of dust is not just a visual problem it is also a health hazard. For employees with severe allergies, the difference between a dusty place of employment and a dusted place of employment is huge. Keeping up on regular dust removal is also an important part of protecting the overall air quality of your office space.

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