Ultimate spa & beauty salon cleaning service in 2023

Creating a welcoming and relaxing environment is key to the success of any spa or salon business, and achieving this requires the assistance of expert spa and salon cleaning services. The cleanliness of your nail spa, hair salon, barber shop or day spa makes a lasting impression on your guests. Not only does the cleanliness of your facility make your guests feel comfortable, it’s also the peace of mind that you run a sterile and healthy environment. All guests want to feel pampered in a fresh, healthy and clean atmosphere, and if your facility does not meet common standards for cleanliness, potential customers are likely to take their business elsewhere for their next spa or salon service.

We can offer owners customized salon and spa cleaning services to ensure you put your best foot forward each time a customer enters your space. We understand the unique cleaning requirements of a beauty salon, ensuring that all surfaces and specialty equipment are treated with care and cleaned according to our high standards for quality.


Beauty cleaning services

Pool and spa cleaning services and beauty salon cleaning services should be frequent because of the nature of the business. You deal with hair and skin cells, which can easily build up to grow harmful bacteria in the business premises. Maintaining hygiene in such an environment is highly advised to avoid outbreaks of communicable diseases and skin conditions.

Areas taken care of during spa cleaning and maintenance services

Some of the areas that we major in include workstations, kitchen areas, sauna, steam bathrooms, bathrooms, Jacuzzi tubs, showers, fountains, basins, floor, mirrors, furniture, walls and all carpeted surfaces.

Washing hair in hair salon

We can offer custom salon and spa cleaning services to meet and exceed your client’s expectations. Our team fully understands the importance of health and safety in the salon and ensures your space is cleaned according to our high quality standards


Professional cleaning routine

Since every business is unique, we offer commercial cleaning services completely customized for your salon or spa. A professional cleaning routine for your business will include cleaning things like.

Floor and carpet cleaning

Wall and window washing

Tubs, bathing areas


Retail shelves/displays


Disinfection of kitchens, bathrooms, showers, spas

Cleaning of workstations, mirrors, change rooms,

Specialized cleaning for saunas, tubs, pools,

Salons need a more in depth cleaning every couple of days on average. This cleaning includes washing all surfaces including mirrors and countertops, dusting retail shelves, scrubbing washrooms, and damp mopping the floors with hospital grade cleaners.

We will develop a customized schedule to ensure your space is always looking its best. Each time we visit your salon, we’ll use the latest in disinfection technology and equipment to ensure your surfaces not only look clean, but are clean. To ensure your guests enjoy their spa services in a healthy and safe environment. Clients can relax and feel at ease when they know your salon or spa has been thoroughly cleaned by a professional!

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