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Your commercial office or storefront space serves as the face of your business for customers and clients who come to visit you. Greeting them with stained or unsanitary carpeting is the last way you want to make a first impression! At the same time, finding a trustworthy and high quality commercial carpet cleaning service.

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Office buildings

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Government buildings

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Medical clinics

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Retirement homes


Office carpet cleaning

If your commercial office building or condominium complex has large areas of carpeting, chances are that they get heavy foot traffic throughout the year. Keeping your carpets fresh and clean is an important part of maintaining that professional image your business strives for as well as giving the employees a healthier environment to work in. As the daily tasks stack up it may seem impossible to keep your carpet looking flawless.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Like everything else a condominium building, office, commercial tower, restaurant, or store, purchasing carpets are a valuable investment. The average life of any carpet can be increased by simply initiating a sound maintenance program as soon as the carpet is installed.


Impress your customers

What would having fresh, clean, immaculate carpets say about you and your business? How would your clients feel when they walk into your building and see a healthy, clean environment? Hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company will allow you to focus on successfully running your business and give you the relief of knowing that one more task has been checked off your list.

Reduce allergies and sick days!

Your office can become a respiratory hazard when the dust starts to build up. Thorough dusting can help ensure that your office has minimal allergens. Our professionals also wipe down all of the surfaces in your offices reducing the risk of germs from spreading.

Carpet on your floor gives an aesthetic and elegant look to your office. As you can put all your effort in order to clean the carpet. Still, regular vacuuming and cleaning are not enough to deal with the tough grime and stains that are still present underneath.

Heavily used areas where immediately off the street traffic occurs should be vacuumed daily to stop the migration of dirt. Medium trafficked areas vacuumed every other day and light trafficked areas usually once a week. Each area should have between 3 to 5 passes for effective pile agitation, vacuuming and soil removal.

Since soil is only visible on the top 1/3 of carpet, waiting to clean carpet until it is visibly dirty, is too long. Because dirt and grit are so abrasive, waiting until the last minute to clean will shorten the carpets life and detract from the business’s appearance. The correct maintenance program for any carpet must be tailored to the exact requirements of each commercial facility.

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