Top 4 Business-Friendly Cities in Canada - Start A Business In Canada

It doesn't matter where you are in Canada, from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland, there is no shortage of intriguing prospects to start a business in Canada

Over the course of the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of new firms launched by entrepreneurs all over the globe. Only in the United States of America were 4.4 million new enterprises started up in 2018, representing an almost 25% year-over-year growth from 2019.

On the other hand, the United States of America is not the only place where commerce is thriving. When it comes to the areas in the world that are considered to be the most advantageous for beginning a new enterprise in 2021, three cities in Canada made it into the top forty. These Canadian cities included Toronto, which was ranked number seventeen, Vancouver, which was ranked number twenty-eight, and Montreal, which was ranked number thirty-six.

Therefore, if you have a concept for a company and are considering where would be the ideal area to start a business, you should consider establishing a business in Canada as an alternative.

This article will provide answers to several questions that you could have, including the following:

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Why start a business in Canada?

When considering a location for the headquarters of your next business endeavour, Canada is an excellent choice due to the many opportunities it presents.

Some of the following might be cited as motivations for beginning a business in Canada:

  • The country's sizable population, which is not only well educated but also inherits traditions from countries all over the globe.
  • Rich in natural resources (and the natural beauty that comes with those them!).
  • We are happy to have employees from all over the globe, and several of the nation's most cherished cities are major players on the global stage.
  • Excellent help for entrepreneurs (both imported and home-grown).
  • a number of prestigious educational and research organisations focused on technology.
  • The location of a number of world-class cities that consistently rate high on rankings of the greatest places to live in different parts of the globe.
  • There is a vast variety of government assistance available, and it is strongly recommended that small enterprises make use of it. Some of them are grants, which do not have to be paid back, hence this category includes some of them.
  • Its technological scene is on the rise, so Silicon Valley should watch out!

Because of the many benefits and opportunities that can be found in Canada, a great number of businesses have made the decision to locate their headquarters there. These businesses include but are not limited to, Google (which has its headquarters in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario), Amazon and Microsoft (who have their headquarters in Vancouver and Toronto, respectively), and game firms such as Electronic Arts, Bioware, Ubisoft, and Capcom.

Which City Is Best To Start A Business In Canada?

According to research conducted by Business Insider in 2017, Canada is the seventh greatest nation in the world in which to launch a new enterprise. But which Canadian locations provide the most favourable conditions for launching a company? Let's find out!


1. Vancouver

This city, located on the wet and windy west coast, is considered to be one of the most habitable in all of the globe. It is a bustling metropolis with spectacular natural landscapes and a diverse cultural scene that is well linked to the rest of the world. In addition to being one of the largest and most well-known startup centres in Canada, Vancouver is also home to some of the most well-known startup businesses in the world, including Hootsuite and Slack.

In point of fact, Vancouver came in at number fifteen on the list of top cities in the world in which to launch a technology firm. Certainly playing a role in this are the following factors:

A significant number of firms that specialize in visual effects and animation.

The origin of two of the top six franchises in the video game industry

One of the top twenty most important global financial centres in the world

The bustling city is also known for having what is considered to be the best environment to start new businesses in any city in the whole globe. This is due to a number of factors, some of which include the city's high quality of life, the ease with which one may initiate the establishment of a new firm, and the accessibility of attractive office space. In addition to this, the unemployment rate in British Columbia is one of the lowest in all of Canada, making it one of the lowest rates in the world.

Even though the cost of living in Vancouver may be somewhat high at times, this city is an excellent place for budding entrepreneurs to launch a small business!


2. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is one of the most varied cities in the world, if not the most diverse city overall, thanks to its population of 2.8 million people who represent 230 different countries. It should come as no surprise that the metropolitan region of Toronto, which contains the province's capital as well as Canada's biggest metropolis, is considered one of the greatest areas in all of Canada in which to launch a new enterprise. It serves as a centre for the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and technological sectors of the whole nation.

Although Toronto is a desirable location for businesses operating in a wide variety of sectors, the city is particularly well-suited for those operating in the technology sector. With roughly a quarter of a million IT professionals on its rosters, Toronto is the city with the most skill in the field of information technology. In addition, Toronto is home to between 2,500 and 4,100 tech firms that are currently operating.

In addition, Toronto is an excellent location for business owners who are looking for support in research and development. The cost of research and development is much cheaper when compared with those of other prominent startup locations such as Silicon Valley, New York City, and Boston. In addition, the government of Canada offers reimbursements for money spent on research and development. It is possible to get a refund of up to 65% of the total cost of the R&D.

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3. Calgary, Alberta

In terms of population, Calgary is the fourth biggest city in Canada, and it is well recognized as a hub for commercial activity and entrepreneurial endeavours in the oil industry.

Not only is there a diverse range of coworking spaces available in Calgary, but the city is also home to a number of incubators, such as Startup Calgary and Innovate Calgary, which provides necessary assistance to local entrepreneurs.


4. Edmonton, Alberta

Oil is undeniably a significant contributor to the economy of Edmonton and its surrounding areas, and the energy sector is perhaps the first industry that comes to mind when the city's name is spoken. The name of their professional hockey team is even the Oilers! In spite of this, there is still a lot of potential for new and upcoming small businesses in Edmonton, which is a city that is expanding at a quick rate.

Oil and gas, as well as digital media and biotechnology, are just a few of the many fields in which Edmonton is a national leader in Canada. The city is also home to reputable business incubators like Startup Edmonton and TEC Edmonton, both of which are currently active.

In addition, Edmonton is home to a number of excellent post-secondary educational facilities, including the University of Alberta and NAIT, both of which provide a significant number of graduates with advanced levels of expertise to the city's labour force.

Despite this, Calgary, Edmonton's bigger neighbour to the south, is perhaps better recognised as a location where commerce is conducted. This is despite the fact that Edmonton may enjoy its reputation as the capital of Alberta.