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Tips To Make Hardwood Floor Long Lasting

Installing new hardwood floors or discovering existing hardwood floors in an older building increases the value of a property. They are long-lasting, have a high market value, and may be used to accent practically any décor style.

While a matte finish may be preferred by a few interior designers, the majority of hardwood floor owners prefer finishes that shine. The secret is to preserve that gleaming sheen even after years of natural wear and tear from everyday life. If your office hardwood floor isn't cleaned by professional commercial cleaning services company, your cleaning practises may be a contributing factor to the dullness of your wood floors—or to the fact that they retain their lustre no matter how much time has passed. Edomey | Burnaby Commercial Cleaning Services

Type of Finish That Your Floor Have:

It is essential to know what sort of finish has been applied to the wood in order to maintain its shine. Did you use a paste wax to finish your solid or engineered hardwood or did you use a polyurethane finish? If you're unsure, take this quiz to find out. The results will help you make better cleaning decisions.

Place a drop of water on the floor in an area that sees a lot of foot activity. Water should never be used to clean hardwood that hasn't been properly sealed since this might cause spots or rapid absorption. When water beads up on the surface and doesn't soak in, it indicates that the wood is sealed.

Steel wool may be used to test for a paste wax finish by softly rubbing it over the floor in a corner. If the floor has been waxed, the steel wool will have a grey, waxy residue.

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7 Reasons Why Wood Flooring Is Dull

The following are seven frequent concerns that may create dullness in hardwood floors, regardless of finish.

  • You're merely spreading dirt: If you don't sweep, dust mop, or vacuum the floor before cleaning it, you'll only spread the filth about. Imagine all that grit, dust, and filth being caught in the cleaning solution and remaining on the floor.
  • Inappropriate cleaning product: Waxing your wood floors with many of the acrylic-based liquid waxes on the market may have the opposite effect of making them seem better. When polyurethane or paste wax is placed on top, the floor might seem uneven or even milky in appearance. Mineral spirits and elbow grease may be used to remove the milky appearance of acrylic waxes from a tiny area at a time. You'll need to strip and reseal the floors to get them back to their former lustre. It is also possible to harm floor finishes with strong chemicals such as ammonia and vinegar that have not been diluted properly. If you have a sealed wood floor, use Bona Hardwood Floor, which is specifically made for this purpose, and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  • An excessive amount of cleaning product: When you use an excessive amount of cleaning product or water, your floors will appear worse even though you are following all of the instructions. More does not necessarily equate to better.
  • Doing half-hearted work: After wet mopping or waxing a hardwood floor, the operation should be completed with a thorough buffing to avoid streaks. To guarantee a shining floor, just buff the finish with a dry microfiber mop after it has been cleaned.
  • A scratch is a scratch: If you have dogs with sharp claws in the office, fail to clean your front and back doormats, or even wear shoes with firm heels, the wood floor will get scratches. Scratches and scuffs on the floor make it seem drab. Preventative measures may go a long way in reducing the number of incidents.
  • Waxy buildup: Using a carnauba paste wax instead of a polyurethane finish may lead to a buildup of wax, which can make a floor seem dull. In low-traffic areas, even if you just apply the wax once or twice a year, it will ultimately build up and become dull. Mineral spirits or a professional wax remover may be used to remove paste wax.
  • It's time to refinish the floor: Hardwood floor finishes don't survive in high usage areas for very long. There are several ways to maintain hardwood floors, including refinishing and resealing. There is no need to replace engineered hardwood floors more than two or three times due to their thin veneer.

A List of Necessities:

Equipment / Tools

  • Broom
  • Sponge
  • Dust mop or vacuum
  • Microfiber mop


  • Cleaning solution designed for hardwood (if needed)

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How to Properly Clean Hardwood Floors

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Wipe up Spills

To avoid watermarks, clean away any wet spills as soon as possible.

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Daily Cleaning

Daily sweep, vacuum, or dust mop the floor to eliminate grime that may scrape and wear down the polish. The grit that may scrape flooring can be found beneath area rugs, so don't overlook them.

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Damp Mop After Season

If your floors have been ignored for weeks and are covered with mud and sticky messes, you don't need to wet mop more than four times a year.

Clean in the direction of the wood grain using a gently wet microfiber mop. Even sealed floors might buckle if a mop is used with too much water. A spray applicator, like as those from Bona, is ideal if you feel the need for an industrial cleaner. When it comes to cleaning, you just need to apply a thick mist around half a teaspoon of cleaner per square foot of flooring.

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Buff Dry

To avoid staining, use a dry microfiber mop to finish the job.