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The Successful Bids For Commercial Cleaning Companies in 2022

Estimating the quote of a cleaning bid is an essential part for commercial cleaning companies. Bids for cleaning services may be submitted for both commercial and residential projects, depending on the scope of the work. You may learn how to create a cleaning proposal by following these guidelines.

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#1. Determine Charging Method.

Different commercial cleaning companies have different quote calculation methods. However, there are two common ways: by the hour or by work scope. Each technique has its own set of benefits and drawbacks:

A. By The Hour

B. By Work Scope

A. By The Hour

Using this strategy, commercial cleaning companies may deliver rapid cleaning job bid quotations to consumers that don't require your services on a regular basis, which is ideal for those customers. As an example, if a client asks you to help with a basement cleanup for four hours, you can simply come up with a price just by looking at the time period.

When charging by the hour, certain projects may be more labour-intensive than others or take longer than expected, necessitating either a higher cost from the client before you finish the service or charging less than what you would typically charge. It's difficult to predict your monthly revenue when you put in an hourly fee for an indeterminate amount of hours (i.e. till the task is finished) when you submit a cleaning bid that contains an hourly charge.

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B. By Work Scope

When you write a cleaning bid on a per-job basis, you know exactly how much money you'll make and how much money you'll lose before you even begin the task. This makes it easy for both parties to come up with a monthly income and spending budget. Because of this, it's important to note that the project may take longer or take less time to finish at different points in time, with no additional remuneration from you or from the client.

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#2. Determine Your Base Rate

Even whether you prefer to charge hourly or by the task, you will need to establish a basic hourly fee for your cleaning bid. Use the following formula to figure out your hourly rate:

  • Find out how much your rivals are charging. Call the local cleaning services and ask for a price quote for the task. You'll be able to develop a range of hourly cleaning rates that are both high and inexpensive for your region this way.
  • Research the cost of living in your region. If the median income in your neighbourhood is greater, you may charge a higher rate than if you reside in a remote location with fewer people, where you won't be able to.
  • The cost of cleaning supplies and products should be included in your hourly fee. The typical cost of cleaning gloves, clothing, paper towels, and rags should be included even if you decide to utilize the customer's cleaning materials instead.
  • Transportation. Take into account the expense of petrol for your cleaning trips.
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#3. Assess The Facility

Ensure that you thoroughly grasp the task requirements by bringing a checklist to all bid appointments and going through them with the client. Take into consideration the following factors:

  • Tasks. Basic commercial cleaning companies responsibilities include sweeping, dusting, vacuuming and washing as well as wiping the floor and cleaning the bathroom.
  • Size and organization. Be sure to count the number of rooms, the quantity of carpeting vs hard flooring, the number of bathrooms, and the size of any outside spaces like a pool or a patio.
  • Situations that make work more difficult or distinctive. You might boost your cleaning job bid if the job needs very labour-intensive duties or if you are working in a stressful or unsafe area. Cleaning tile grout or working in a home with a large number of small pets, for example, might result in an additional fee.

#4. Estimate The Hour Each Session

As a result of your bid appointment, assess how long it will take you to finish the cleaning. To figure out how much you should charge for the cleaning task, multiply that quantity by your hourly rate.

#5. Create A Bid Proposal Draft

Commercial cleaning companies should provide all relevant information about the work, including duties, size/layout, and the conditions in which it was performed, as well as the expected time it will take to complete it and the hourly rate if you are charging per hour.

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