The Deep Cleaning Guide For Medical Facilities

Injuries spike throughout the Christmas season, with physicians reporting a noticeable rise in the number of patients in the emergency department. Doctors are reporting higher cases of food poisoning, injuries connected to patients who reject medical advice, cheat on their diets, or forget to take their medicine. The stress of the Christmas season may lead to injuries that are connected to sleep deprivation and mental health issues. Finally, excessive drinking is a major cause of emergency room visits.

The high volume of patients and visitors at this time of year emphasizes the need of maintaining medical facilities in the best possible condition. In terms of commercial cleaning services, Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Service is one of the best in British Columbia, with franchisees equipped to give the high-quality service healthcare institutions want. In order to clean, disinfect, and sterilize a doctor's office or other healthcare institution, Edomey team developed our Health-Based Cleaning Procedure.

Why Are Health Care facilities Overloaded?

The increase in ER visits and doctor appointments at the end of the year isn't just due to the holidays. Consider these other reasons why healthcare facilities are so crowded:

  • Because insurance benefits expire on January 1, many people schedule their medical visits after Thanksgiving.
  • Schedule appointments for normal medical checkups that were put on hold because COVID-19 are finally being made.
  • Car accidents are more likely to occur in inclement weather and unsafe driving conditions.
  • During this time of year, the flu and the common cold are prevalent.
  • People are more prone to develop a cold or the flu when social distancing precautions are relaxed.
  • There is a greater risk of automobile accident injuries when there are more people on the road.
  • Many people are booking elective operations that weren't available during peak epidemic times.

Cleaning Best Practice In The Medical Setting - Edomey Cleaning Team

More than merely a patient safety measure, thorough cleaning in healthcare facilities is essential. Everyone who visits the institution or comes into contact with a patient has to be in a safe and healthy environment.

Professional medical cleaning services are available via Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Service's network of Franchise Business Owners. More than a decade of scientifically proven, industry-approved best practices have been relied upon by healthcare institutions, urgent care clinics, dental offices, dialysis centres and veterinarians. Based on CDC and AORN criteria, we developed our COVID-19 disinfecting procedure to ensure maximal pathogen elimination and 0% cross-contamination.

In addition to dusting, vacuuming, mopping, garbage disposal, and wiping of high-touch point surfaces like doorknobs and main entry doors, we provide basic cleaning services. Patients' rooms, communal spaces, and medical equipment are given special attention. Additional cleaning services may also be added to your order. Among the On-Demand Cleaning Services are a thorough cleaning of high-touch areas, Day Porter services, contaminated cleans, and electrostatic sprayer disinfection. To keep your medical office's hard floors, grout, upholstery, and windows looking their best for years to come, preventative maintenance services are available.

Every Edomey Franchise Owner and his or her cleaning crew are educated in cleaning chemistry and aseptic sanitizing processes, carry hospital-grade disinfectants, utilize industry-leading gear, and know the necessary procedures for managing any pollutants.

Holiday and Year-Round Medical Office Cleaning!

It is our belief that patients should leave the hospital in better health than when they came. This may be achieved by regular commercial cleaning by skilled specialists. As the year winds down, let us assist you to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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