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The "Cure" of Omicron Variant for businesses: Professional Cleaning Service

As the omicron coronavirus variant spreads in southern Africa and occurs in countries worldwide. Are your regular cleaning methods safe enough for the business, staff and clients?

The fifth wave of Covid-19 is on the horizon of Canada with a number of 15 reported cases infected by the Omicron variant on December, 3rd. 1 Omicron case was reported in BC raised everyone's vigilance with cleaning and maintaining the hygiene correctly.

The national government said it agreed with a national immunization advisory board's suggestion that all persons over the age of 50 get a booster dose six months after finishing a vaccination series.

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The inefficiencies of buying regular cleaning products

Businesses throughout the country are laser-focused on keeping their workplaces clean and healthy, which includes boosting up routine sanitizing efforts. Daily business cleaning became the standard, but not all commercial cleaning products are efficient up to your expectation.

Commercial cleaning solutions are typically more powerful than their domestic counterparts. When these materials are handled or combined incorrectly, they can cause property damage and, in certain situations, endanger people's health.

Ineffective cleaning materials or techniques, at the absolute least, will fail to accomplish their job, leaving dust, grime, and illness-causing germs behind. There are several disinfectants that will kill bacteria and viruses; but, if they are improperly diluted, they will be rendered ineffective. One issue is using too much water, as is neglecting to allow the cleaner to soak the surface for the appropriate length of time. Another concern that reduces the product's efficiency in eliminating harmful microorganisms is inconsistent application.

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The potential risk of improper cleaning

Surfactants, glycol ethers, caustic solvents, ammonia, acids, and other compounds included in professional cleaning products can be harmful if utilized inappropriately.

When janitorial employees mistakenly mix certain chemicals, a poisonous gas is produced, increasing the risk of harmful health impacts. Combing solutions including ammonia and bleach are the greatest example. When these two items are combined, they form chloramine gas, which irritates the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. Prolonged exposure and inhalation might cause nausea, chest discomfort, respiratory difficulty, and other side effects.

Given these threats to human health and well-being, commercial cleaning services must have a full grasp of the materials and solutions they use.

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                                                                                                            Why businesses needs professional commercial cleaning service like Edomey to "cure"?

Edomey is one of the most reliable commercial cleaning brands working in the Vancouver area and Edmonton with more than 15 years of industry experience. Entrusting the task to skilled specialists with an industry-leading reputation is the safest method to guarantee your office, school, gym, or workplace is professionally cleaned.

All of Edomey's cleaners are required to be fully vaccinated with masks on all-time while cleaning your location. Eco-friendly cleaning products; such as Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate (CAN); are utilized for the purpose of protecting the environment and health-safety of our clients.

You can find more information about Oxivir Five 16 Concentrate.

Edomey | Janitorial Cleaning Services

We believe that true cleanliness lies in the details, which is why we customize our service for every client. Partner with our dedicated team for cleaning services that make real sense for your needs, property, and budget.

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