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The Commercial Office Cleaning Checklist You Must Have 2022

Assuming you follow our commercial office cleaning checklist to the letter, you should never have to worry about the cleanliness of your workplace again.

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The commercial cleaning industry is competitive, but with the right staff, your business can shine. Providing clients with a business office cleaning checklist is an excellent method to manage their responsibilities. They may have a mental list of items they want you to clean before they hire you, but if you provide them a checklist from which to work, they are no longer just your boss; they are also a collaborator in the cleaning process. You two are looking out for the best interests of the place you'll be cleaning.

Luckily, your bases are covered by us. Here is a detailed commercial office cleaning checklist to help your customers keep in mind all that must be done during an office cleaning. Because every workplace is unique, we've organised it into the most typical rooms.

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1. Office Cleaning Checklist: Reception

The front desk is the first location visitors to an office see. It has to be maintained spotless at all times, which requires regular cleaning and periodic inspections throughout the day. It is your responsibility to ensure that the outside presentation of the organisation accurately represents its values.

  • Place welcome mats in a straight line and put any other entrance decorations away if they have them. Clean up the dust, sweep, or mop the rest.
  • Front doors, particularly glass ones, should be cleaned on all sides.
  • Make sure the garbage cans are emptied, cleaned, and refilled with fresh liners.
  • The front desk, phone, and counter should all be disinfected. Coffee tables and similar pieces of furniture should also be wiped clean.
  • Rearrange the magazines and tidy up the coffee table.
  • Clean the dust off of furniture, lamps, window coverings, and air ducts.
  • Floors should be swept, vacuumed, and mopped. Every few weeks or months, you should clean the carpets.
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Office Cleaning Checklist: Private Offices/Cubicles

  • Clean the dust off of the shelves, cupboards, and other flat surfaces.
  • Refuse cans should be emptied, cleaned, and new liners placed.
  • Clean off keyboards, displays, and other components of computers.
  • Clean the keyboard, phone, and armrests of the chairs with disinfectant (if applicable). You should always keep your phone's earpieces clean.
  • Gather all of the dishes, cups, and silverware from the break room and take it back to the main kitchen.
  • Clean out the air ducts and registers.
  • It's important to remember to dust the window blinds or shades and the window sill if there are any.
  • Glass surfaces, including windows, should be cleaned.
  • Clean the floors by vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping.
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Office Cleaning Checklist: Kitchen/Break Area

  • Remove all unclaimed food from the fridge. (Let the office know in advance so that customers may clearly mark the items they want to preserve.)
  • Refrigerator shelves should be wiped out with disinfectant and the retained goods should be replaced.
  • Disinfect the counters.
  • Make the counter appear more put together by straightening up the objects on it.
  • The coffee machine is now empty and ready for use.
  • Take out the garbage, sort the recyclables, then clean and disinfect the bins before putting in new liners.
  • Clear the sink of the soiled dishes.
  • Use disinfectant to clean the sink and faucet.
  • Floors should be swept or vacuumed and mopped.
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Office Cleaning Checklist: Washroom/Restroom/Bathroom

  • Clean and sanitize garbage cans and toilet paper dispensers (if applicable).
  • Purge the toilets, showers, and changing rooms of germs.
  • Scrub the toilet bowl and the paper towel holders.
  • To clean the toilet bowl, use a toilet bowl cleaner and a brush.
  • Glass cleaner is perfect for the mirror over the sink.
  • Restock the paper towel, soap, and toilet paper dispensers.
  • Verify the functionality of the hand dryers.
  • Mop the floors with a disinfectant solution after you've swept them

Always remember to check your work twice before submitting it. It's easy to forget anything, especially when there are so many overlapping jobs from one area to another. Think on the details. It's easy to forget about the garbage can liner, so make sure you check that, too.

It's important to give everything a thorough cleaning, so dust in crevices like HVAC ducts and beneath desks. Every time you finish a project, you should dust the light fixtures, cabinet tops, closets, and public spaces so that they seem brand new.

Focus on satisfying the client's desired outcome. Just put yourself in their position; if you don't like what you see, it's likely they won't either. Keeping a customer even if it takes spending an additional fifteen minutes on a work is time well spent, and your clientele will take note.

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