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The Best All Purpose Cleaner For Office Cleaning In 2023

All-purpose cleaners are brilliant multipurpose items you should use to clean up your office during the day. All-purpose cleansers often contain mild formulae that keep household surfaces grease- and grime-free. They are ideal for wiping down countertops, desks, floors, refrigerators, and even reception desks.

8 Best All-Purpose Cleaners in 2023


Each of the eight items in this list has been put through extensive testing by me in our workplace, where I assessed its cleaning efficiency, aroma strength, and overall ease and pleasure of use over the course of many weeks.

all purpose cleaner

1. Best Overall: All-Purpose Naturally Derived Surface Cleaner

Pick this one if the pleasant fragrance will encourage you to use an all-purpose cleaner more often. Although Method's All-Purpose Cleaner is available in a rainbow of cheerful, pleasant fragrances, the French Lavender option is particularly effective at making your home or office smell fresh and clean.

I like that it is reasonably priced and easily accessible both online and in physical locations, as well as being nontoxic, cruelty-free, and packaged in recycled plastic.

Even after wiping off mirror-polished stainless steel, no film or streaks are left behind, and the scent disappears nearly immediately. This is the first thing I would buy if I had to refill my cleaning supplies from scratch.

4$ At Walmart

all purpose cleaner

2. Smart Purchase Low Price: Blueland Multi-Surface Starter Set

This all-purpose cleaner from Blueland comes highly recommended by our editors and is a great way to kick off a long-term relationship. You'll receive three cleaning pills and a 24-ounce Forever Bottle to get you started with this brand. A single pill may be dissolved in a full bottle of water, and then the bottle can be used for cleaning.

You may use this all-purpose cleaner on a regular basis and it will still last for a long time after being sprayed. The invigorating and fragrant fresh lemon smell. No streaks will remain, and the cleaned surface will be ready for use immediately.

Although the initial investment may seem high, this multi-purpose cleaning kit can save you money (and a lot of plastic trash) in the long term, since replacement tablets can be purchased for just $2 apiece.


all purpose cleaner

3. Good option for Disinfectant: Purell Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray

Pack of 2

Purell's ethyl alcohol-based multipurpose cleaner is one of the few available options that sanitises and disinfects without being harmful to humans or animals, making it ideal for usage in and around food preparation areas (even on cutting boards) and for cleaning toys used by children and dogs. In only 30 seconds, it can eliminate dangerous pathogens like e. coli, salmonella, and norovirus, providing you peace of mind while you disinfect every surface in your home.

Because of its minimal environmental effect, the EPA has awarded this product with the Design for the Environment seal of approval. It disinfects almost every surface in the house, albeit it shouldn't be used on wood or unsealed granite.

The composition is gentle and easily removed, however the overpowering citrus aroma is a turnoff. It's a bit of a sad tradeoff for an otherwise wonderful product


all purpose cleaner

4. Good option for Scent Lovers: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid All Purpose Cleaner

Mrs. Meyer's multi-purpose cleansers have a reputation as one of the best-smelling options on the market among devotees of aromatherapy. This one is scented like fresh spring roses and would be perfect for freshening the air in any room. Unfortunately, you can only get it at certain times of the year, so stock up while you still can!

The multipurpose cleaning solution is kind to skin and doesn't test on animals. Spot cleaning and spills are no problem, but it's not the greatest for scrubbing stubborn grime.


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5. Good option for Unscented: Seventh Generation Free & Clear All Purpose Cleaner

Box of 4

Not everyone enjoys olfactory experiences. If even the most pleasant of cleaning scents give you a headache or makes you sneeze, try Seventh Generation's fragrance-free option: It retains its potent cleaning properties while without colours and fragrances. The bottle itself is built from recycled materials, making it a more sustainable option.

For a quick spray down in between dinner preparations, I like to use this all-purpose cleaner since it leaves no residue when wiped down.

    $30 AT AMAZON

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    Good Option for Fancy Cleaner: Caldrea Multi-Surface Countertop Spray Cleaner

    Although the all-purpose cleaner from Caldrea is a little pricey, it is well worth it. This cleaner has one of the strongest — but most pleasant — fragrances, making a tiny daily duty seem like a pick-me-up (if you enjoy fragrance, that is!)

    New messes are easily degreased and cleaned up, but it has trouble with older stains and filth. It leaves behind no streakiness in its route.

    all purpose cleaner

    Best No-Nonsense Cleaner: Stardrops The Pink Stuff Miracle Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

    well-known for being both safe and effective. This spray is far less messy and abrasive than the well-known Pink Stuff Paste.

    It has a nice aroma, but it has a chemical-cleaner feel that makes me prefer to use this product in my bathroom than than my kitchen. When the time comes for a thorough cleaning, however, this multipurpose cleaner leaves no trace of grime or muck behind. Let it stay for a while on the surface before wiping or cleaning, and it works much better.

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    8. Best Essential Oil Cleaner: Grove Co. Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate Set

    Package contains 16 oz. spray container and 2 concentrate refills.

    Besides being an incredible deal, the 92% plant-based recipe of Grove Co.'s all-purpose cleaning concentrate makes it more effective than just preparing your own DIY solution. The glass construction of the little concentration bottles is another perk; once empty, they can be recycled or reused.

    It's easy to make your own cleaning solution with the accompanying 16-ounce glass spray container and the concentrate that comes in a separate bottle. The spray bottle is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, with no distracting logos or slogans to get in the way of the pleasant aroma of orange and rosemary.