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After years of hard use, tile in the kitchen, bathroom or mudroom doesn’t have the same shine or vibrancy it once did. Common mistakes that homeowners make in cleaning their tile such as using abrasive cleaning substances as part of their regular cleaning routine and neglecting to seal their tile can make matters worse.

Are you tired of dirty grout?

If you have tile, you have grout. And if you mop that tile floor, you probably have dirty grout! Go ahead and look at the edges where nobody ever walks. That's how the grout used to look. Mopping leaves chemical residue on tile floors and it naturally gets absorbed and trapped in grout lines. Causing them to darken and get dirtier faster over time.


Why is tile and grout cleaning important

In our experience, we have seen people choose tiles mainly because they need low maintenance. However, for longevity and good appeal, professional cleaning at least once a year is crucial. On a tiled floor, the grout lines are especially susceptible to dirt accumulation. High moisture in the space converts grout lines into breeding grounds for microorganisms that can have a hazardous impact on you.

Moreover, dirt and mold growth darken and discolor the grout patches, thereby ruining the visual appeal of the entire floor. Tiles are also vulnerable to discolouration and staining.

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Cleaning services

With proper tile cleaning and maintenance, your tile and grout can look amazing again!

If you have a stone floor travertine, limestone, slate, marble or granite, the entire floor will need to be sealed after the cleaning process to avoid discolorations and staining. The stone and grout are sealed together in the same process. If a stone floor stains, it is very difficult to remove the staining. Many customers have skipped this step only to be disappointed later when the staining could not be remove

Tile & grout services

Deep power clean tile & grout floors

Tile & grout countertops

Shower stall cleaning & restoration

Shower glass polishing and sealing

Grout repairs and recaulking

It’s a good idea to get a deep floor tile cleaning every two or three years to avoid long term damage, such as staining or premature deterioration. Our cleaning system restores your tile and grout to their original color. Not only will professional cleaning make your floor tile look better,

Do you have dirty tiles and grout with stubborn stains that your personal products can’t clean? We offer high quality tile & grout cleaning for all tile, grout and hard surfaces

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