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Superior commercial Industrial cleaning services in 2023

Warehouses, distribution centers, logistics facilities, and manufacturing plants rely upon schedules in order to deliver as promised. That’s why it’s important your janitorial service provider follows a set routine to keep your warehouse facility clean and healthy.

Industrial Cleaning Services

We are pleased to offer industrial cleaning services to warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other industrial buildings both large and small. In industrial scenarios. That’s why we offer cleaning services that can be tracked and checked to ensure we achieve our high standard of cleanliness every time we clean. Like our customers in the industrial space, we are consistently monitoring our performance and making adjustments to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

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For industry types

Commercial cleaning businesses handle the cleaning services of manufacturing, shipping and distribution centers across Canada from concerns about grease, fingerprints, and shoe prints to more general issues regarding a facility’s cleanliness. Businesses have the knowledge to ensure your industrial cleaning services are met with attention to detail and a customized service schedule that reduces worker interruptions.

For industry type business

Manufacturing plant cleaning

Data center cleaning

Warehouse cleaning

Loading dock cleaning

R&D facility cleaning


Our cleaning services

Production floor maintenance

Floor waxing

Automated floor cleaning

Disinfection services

Pressure washing

Staff area detailing

Private offices


Conference, training, and meeting rooms

Kitchens, cafeterias

Internal portions of loading dock including shipping & receiving

Storage spaces including shelving and racking

Warehouse, production, and manufacturing floor areas

Employee lounges and locker areas

Surface cleaning

Floor stripping and waxing

Ceiling cleaning


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