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Stripping And Waxing? The Best Floor Cleaning Services 2022

Has it been a while since the floors in your building were stripped and rewaxed? How long has it been, a few months, or several years? There is a lot of abuse that can be done to a floor just by walking on it. Despite the wear and tear, they endure on a daily basis, special flooring cleaning services like stripping and waxing are a worthwhile financial investment. Your investment warrants your utmost care. The expense of replacing a floor is far higher than the cost of maintaining an existing one, and a floor that has been neglected for too long may eventually deteriorate beyond repair.

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Why Is Stripping And Waxing Necessary?

Stripping and waxing a floor yields a finish with the desired sheen, lending your building an air of tidiness as a result. The less obvious ones are more pragmatic; scrubbing and waxing the floor reduces dirt and grime that accumulates over time. The procedure forms a protective layer between the floors and any hazards. Additionally, the likelihood of the floor being harmed and deformed by dampness or water is diminished by this protective layer.

Floor cleaning and maintaining is easier thanks to stripping and waxing. Waxing a floor leaves a protective covering that can prevent wear, grime buildup, and scratches. This is because the polymers in the finish form an invisible layer on the floor's surface, protecting it by acting as a lubricant when two objects, such furniture or other heavy materials, rub against one other.

In the end, you will increase the durability of your floor surface, particularly in heavily used areas.


How Long Is The Stripping And Waxing Process?

Most floors can be stripped and waxed in a single day, however, this obviously depends on the square footage being treated. Larger projects, such as schools, might take weeks to complete and are therefore often carried out over the Summer and Winter breaks.

In general, the floors need to sit with the chemical stripping agent for roughly fifteen minutes before being agitated. In the morning after the wax has been applied, it will be ready for usage.

A low-odour stripping chemical should be utilized in sensitive environments like hospitals and nursing homes. Stripping and waxing floors in hospitals and nursing homes take longer than in a typical home because it must be done in sections so that patients can continue to use their rooms during the procedure.

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Floors are costly investments that require upkeep to preserve their aesthetic value. Get in touch with us right away if you have questions concerning the care you should provide your floors. We'll come to take a look at them and offer you our professional opinion on what it will take to make your floors look like new again.

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