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Strata Cleaning? What You Need To Know 2022

Few people understand what strata cleaning is or why it is a very advantageous service for business and residential complexes. On the other hand, many building committees are turning to professional strata cleaning services to address cleaning demands that are not met by ordinary cleaning firms. In addition, unlike standard home cleaning services, strata cleaning needs a more organized system, more cleaning equipment, and a larger crew of highly trained cleaners. Therefore, only professional and certified strata cleaning businesses can satisfy these highly precise and required cleaning criteria.

Today, we'll discuss what strata cleaning is, what to expect from professional strata cleaning service, and why it's so vital to employ one. Keep reading!

What Is Strata Cleaning?

The concept of strata cleaning, which originated in Australia, has caught on in a number of other nations, and continues to generate curiosity and questions about the advantages of working with a company that offers professional strata cleaning services. By definition, strata cleaning encompasses the maintenance and cleaning of shared spaces within a commercial or residential complex.

The treasurer often handles the funds, while the building committee contracts a cleaning service. The committee will explain what they require, discuss the terms and circumstances, and make a decision on the chosen services based on the kind of property at stake.

When many businesses share space, such in an office building or retail mall, there are certain to be shared areas that need cleaning and seasonal upkeep from all the business owners and renters. Places including indoor and outdoor lobbies, stairwells, elevators, hallways, bathrooms, entrances, and outdoor spaces like walkways, steps, grass, benches, and tables are all included. Pools, gyms, parks, pathways, and gardens in residential developments all need regular care that residents cannot ignore. Strata cleaning allows for a group of experts to work under the direction of a building's upkeep board to clean those inaccessible spots.

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Is it Really Necessary to Hire a Professional Strata Cleaning Service?

The obvious truth is that the quality of life for everyone in the building, tenants and staff alike, would suffer without regular strata cleaning. As the property's worth decreases, you'll have to live and walk in ever-worsening squalor of dirt, dust, grime, and filth.

Given this, let's examine many of the most compelling arguments in favour of using professional strata cleaning service.

1. Keeps the Place Sanitary

Multiple areas of a shared building may quickly get contaminated with germs and filth. You will be routinely exposed to these unclean surfaces and locations until they are properly maintained and cleansed.

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Supports Prompt Maintenance and Repairs

Strata cleaning services are trained to look for damage to the property and may even offer to fix it. If you have a common area floor that needs sealing or re-grouting, for instance, you may have the strata cleaning business do it.

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Upkeep of Lighting Fixtures

It's not uncommon to see a single burned-out bulb or a cluster of dead moths and other insects that were drawn to the lights. Unfortunately, unless you have a strata cleaning agency maintain your common area lighting fixtures and check that all of the bulbs are in functioning order, they are likely to be disregarded.

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Gyms + Equipment are Sanitised

People sweating all over the gym equipment and the floor spreads germs and bacteria and gives off a foul odour. Cleaning a private home gym and its equipment is relatively simple in comparison to cleaning a public gym, making it essential to hire a professional strata cleaning service.

There Will Be No Need for You to Worry About the Upkeep or Cleaning of the Pool.

It's not healthy to swim in a pool that hasn't been cleaned in a while, and you shouldn't either. The sight of it is enough to put you off, but the actual danger is in the many health concerns associated with using it. Cleaning and maintaining a stratum is a difficult job that is best left to trained professionals who have the necessary tools and skills.

A ‘Package Deal’ is Cheaper

Cleaning a shared space may be expensive, especially if you have to hire and outsource different jobs to a number of different cleaners or organisations that focus on different aspects of cleaning, such as indoor or outdoor cleaning. Strata cleaning services, on the other hand, provide comprehensive bundles that are more cost-effective than hiring separate agencies for each sort of cleaning and upkeep.

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A Strata Cleaning Service: What to Expect

Knowing what to ask a potential cleaning service can help you make a more informed decision. The services to be provided and their frequency should be discussed in depth, along with the terms and circumstances.

Examine this checklist for a broad idea of the services most strata cleaning businesses provide:

  • clearing outdoor areas with dust and leaves
  • communal floor cleaning
  • Disinfecting the elevator's controls and displays
  • Switchboard disinfection throughout all public spaces
  • Dusting furnishings in common rooms
  • The elimination of spider webs from the outside and inside of the home.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting commonly used surfaces including door handles, handrails, tables, chair backs, etc. Vacuuming carpeted communal areas
  • Community trash cans and recycling bins cleaning and upkeep
  • Dusted the walls
  • Washing glass doors and windows
  • Maintaining and cleaning outdoor spaces
  • Removing stains and dirt from concrete and brick walkways