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Start Your Own Cleaning Franchise Business in Just 5 EASY STEPS! With Edomey

If you're interested in launching a commercial cleaning franchise company in the Edomey franchise program, we're here to help you. We believe that understanding Edomey's franchise business concept and how the process works, as well as all the Edomey brand and business opportunities, have to offer, will put your mind at rest.

A High-Demand Industry With A Shortage Of Provider

Before we get into the specifics of the process, be assured that now is an excellent moment to start a commercial cleaning service. This is a highly sought-after sector, as companies have come to realize that professional commercial cleaning is no longer a luxury but rather a need. The COVID-19 epidemic has shown everyone the crucial need of keeping a safe and clean environment for both consumers and staff... Because of our high standards, Coverall is well-positioned to handle this demand in a timely manner. As an independent franchise company owner, you will offer a valuable service by assisting in the improvement of workplace safety.

1. Cost And Financing Option

Many entrepreneurs come to us with questions about the cost to get started. The franchise ownership costs may actually be less than you expect. Plus, there are several financing options available, including Coverall’s in-house financing. Perhaps you have some savings set aside that you have been waiting to invest in the right opportunity. The truth is, a commercial cleaning franchise is more affordable than other franchise businesses since it’s service-based and you don’t need to maintain a physical location.

2.Learn The Edomey's Franchise Business Model

Before entering into a business partnership with a franchise, you should get acquainted with the company's brand. Are they a well-established company?

Attending a franchise company presentation, whether online or in person, is a good place to start. Face-to-face meetings shall be conducted in accordance with all applicable safety protocols and social distancing principles. You will learn about the steps to becoming a franchise owner, as well as Edomey's proven road map to financial success.

You will get the opportunity to learn about Edomey's business strategy, as well as receive answers to your queries concerning start-up expenses and in-house financing alternatives.

3. Professional Training From Edomey

Some new company owners are concerned that the lack of prior professional cleaning knowledge would make it difficult to succeed in their endeavour. Using our exclusive procedures and products, Edomey will teach and assist you through the cleaning process, using only the materials and equipment that we propose.

Your clients will have peace of mind knowing that their workplace will be cleaned and sanitized appropriately with our Edomey CleanCom® system for quick communications, our Edomey Protection+ Disinfection programmes for infection prevention, and our budget-friendly SmartClean programme. Today, more than ever, companies depend on commercial cleaning services to help them safeguard their customers and staff from germs and contamination.

4. A Road To Run A Franchise Commercial Cleaning Business

Edomey also provides you with training on how to operate your company, even if you have never done it before. People come to us from all walks of life and from all walks of life. In addition to providing you with a proven road map to follow, we also provide you with a local support centre staff that is present and ready to answer any questions you may have along the route. When you become a franchise company owner, will give you chances to meet and network with other franchise business owners in the community. We will train and assist you through the process, and we will even give mentorship along the way.

5. A Great Cleaning Starter Kit

Edomey offers all of its new franchise business owners the perfect cleaning starter kit, designed around our proprietary Edomey's SmartClean cleaning processes. Our support centres will provide you with the hospital-grade cleaning chemicals and colour-coded cleaning equipment you need to achieve a successful commercial cleaning business. These products allow you to provide a more thorough and healthier commercial clean to your customers than they could ever hope to do on their own, therefore saving them both time and money.

Get In Touch With Edomey About Franchise Business Ownership Today!

Edomey is ready to assist you in becoming a company owner in a highly sought-after field if you have the will and determination to do so. We have worked with thousands of new company owners just like you throughout our more than 15 years as premier franchisors. In order to get started, you do not need any prior company ownership or cleaning expertise. See our checklist for becoming a cleaning franchise company owner for additional information on how to get started.

If you've already decided that you're ready to take the next step toward owning a franchise, get in touch with us.