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Spring Cleaning Guide for Your Restaurant's Patio Set 2023

Your business recently had its restrooms renovated. Those chairs are a wonderful addition to your room. A great mood has been created by the lighting. The wall colour you chose is stunning. I think you've thought about everything at this point. Okay, maybe that's all there is to it on the inside.

As the old saying goes, "you can judge a book by its cover," and so, diners will form an opinion of your restaurant based on first impressions of the outside. You want to create a favourable impression on new and prospective consumers who first notice your company as they drive by. The good news is that you can do several simple things to make your restaurant outside seem as good as the cuisine once customers sit inside, such as cleaning the restaurant inside and outside.

Cleaning Patio: Keep Your Patio Secure!

When planning an outdoor dining area, it's important to think about more than simply fire prevention. It may be necessary to install additional barriers to keep customers safe, depending on how near the venue is to roads and walkways.

Outdoor areas for urban restaurat are often seen on the roadside. It also means that both bicyclists and motorists are constantly zipping past. Accidents can happen, though, and customers could unexpectedly be thrown into the eating area. As a deterrent, you should erect a barrier that might prevent an intruder from storming your establishment.

A fence might prevent bikes from entering your restaurant. A fence with lights or reflectors may help people see it even when it's dark outside. Fencing won't protect your vehicles, so you'll need something more robust. You may build a wall out of bricks or concrete. It's not a foolproof method of stopping vehicles, but it's an added safeguard.

Cleaning restaurant

Your Windows and Awning

It's just as critical, if not more so, to keep the exterior of your windows clean as the inside. It's important not just for the diners inside but also for the others who happen to be passing by and could be enticed to stop in. After all, if diners glance out the window and all they see is filthy glass, they may as well stay inside. It's likely that if prospective customers pass your restaurant and see unclean windows, they will automatically assume the same about the remainder of the establishment. A similar line of thinking should be applied to awnings, particularly those that cover outdoor furniture. You don't want your customers to worry about food poisoning because of trash that has fallen from a filthy awning.

Cleaning restaurant

Greenery Vibe

Is there a floral garden on your property? When was the last time you checked them? Although once daily watering is recommended for most of the year, during the warmer summer months, twice daily watering may be required (start checking your plants towards the end of the day to see if the soil has dried out). Check the condition of your external plants and flowers and tend to them or replace them if they seem unhealthy. Remove any unwanted plants that are interfering with your plantings. Choose hardy perennial flowers like lavender or salvia if you're worried about maintenance, watering, or replenishing. These plants tend to return year after year with little effort on your part.

Remember to keep up with your lawn's regular upkeep as well. In the event that you do have grass, be sure to keep it cut short and get rid of the clippings that get away from the mower. Do not idly stand by and watch them swarm your walkways and car park. Keep an eye out for unwanted plants, such as dandelions, and treat them as soon as you see them. In order to minimise disruption to customers, you should schedule this maintenance for your busiest day of the week (during off-peak hours) or on a day when your business is closed. After all, you wouldn't want your leaf blowers or sacks of dirt on the sidewalk to disturb your diners.

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Common Areas:


Sweeping is an important part of any restaurant's daily cleaning routine, but it's easy to overlook the need to sweep the outside of the building as well. You may use your broom to sweep the front stairs and any other paths that go to the sidewalk from your property. The sidewalk, if it requires it, should also be swept. Customers will still hold you accountable for it even though it's not your legal obligation. Having the leaves raked off your property, especially from any walkways, is a must if you have trees on your property.


Even if your company is a no-smoking zone (as are most in the United States' major cities), you should nonetheless designate outside smoking zones clearly. At the same time, you don't want to make your non-smoking patrons uncomfortable, therefore you should provide a manner for your smoking patrons to feel at ease in the restaurant. Just be sure to check the legislation in your region to see how much space is required between buildings and smoking sites. Maintain a high standard of cleanliness in all smoking areas by sweeping them daily and stocking them with cigarette butt stands, which you should also check and empty periodically.


The exterior of the restaurant should be cleaned before the patio is opened for the summer, but the patio or other outdoor dining area should be cleaned on a regular basis regardless of the season. To-dos for a spotless patio include sweeping, wiping down all furniture, illuminating fixtures, and umbrellas, replacing broken pieces as needed, and sweeping again. If your patio is open for part of the year, put patio cleaning on the official daily cleaning checklist, and do spot checks at other times. Even if you aren't currently enjoying a patio, it doesn't mean you should ignore the fact that it may quickly become an eyesore if not properly maintained.


Ask yourself when you take a tour of your building whether there is clear signage pointing to the main entrance. Where is the drive-through (assuming that's where you're going)? Where is the smoking section? Ensure that all signage are legible from a distance and convey the right information. You should also evaluate the present exterior signage to determine if any need to be replaced or fixed due to normal wear and tear. They could be the first (and final) impression your company makes on a consumer.


At the end of the day, don't forget about your parking lot! Maintain regular sweeping, have the parking lines repainted if they fade, and remove any litter you see. Check the lease or purchase agreement, as well as any other documents pertaining to the property, to learn the details of your responsibilities for maintaining the parking lot, as well as the frequency and kind of cleaning services provided by the landlord or other tenants.

You should also be aware of who to hold accountable in the event of an accident in the parking lot. If your company is in charge of snow removal, this is very important to remember. Make sure you understand in all your legal responsibilities in regards to the upkeep of the parking lot. Verify that your commercial landlord or neighbours are also being responsible. That manner, the whole outside of the restaurant can look wonderful while still being secure.