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Remember 5 Spots To Keeping the Break Room Tidy at Work 2023

The cleanliness of the workplace kitchen should be a priority for the year 2023. In order to help you get going, here are a few pointers. Keep in mind these often-overlooked spots for a perfect kitchen cleaning,

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Interesting Kitchen Cleaning Facts You Might Not Know

  • Only One Day Is All It Takes For One Germ to Create Eight Million Copies

That's not a mistake. In only 24 hours, a single germ may multiply into eight million. If that figure gives you the willies, take heart: regular hand washing and cleaning of high-touch areas may drastically cut it. In doing so, we assist eliminate germs and slow their ability to spread.

  • We shed our skin cells and turn them into dust.

Do you ever scratch your head and ponder the source of so much dust in the office? You and your employees are responsible for a significant portion of it, however. Seventy to eighty percent of dust particles are comprised of human skin cells. Even more motivation to keep up with regular dusting!

  • The effectiveness of most cleaning products may be seen in 60 seconds.

People often mistakenly believe that if they spray a cleaning agent over an object, it will instantly become clean. However, for cleaning chemicals to be effective, they need to remain on a surface for at least 30 to 60 seconds. You are probably not cleaning as completely as you think you are and are just spreading germs about if you do not let the cleaning solution set for approximately a minute before wiping it off.

  • Due to unsanitary working conditions, 98% of employees will get unwell.

The lack of proper cleaning procedures in the workplace is directly responsible for the disease of 98% of office workers. This large number should serve as a reminder of the need of regular cleaning and disinfection in the workplace, both for the sake of appearances and the health and safety of those who work there. The safest and most effective approach to guarantee a spotless and regularly maintained workplace is to hire a professional cleaning service.

Fridge Door/Handle

You certainly clean the interior of the refrigerator sometimes, but when was the last time you scrubbed down the door handle and refrigerator itself? Because so many people contact the refrigerator's handle and door on a daily basis, it is a breeding ground for germs. You should clean this commonly touched area at least once a day and remind people to wash their hands often.

Coffee Maker

It's reasonable to presume that the coffee maker has been sanitised by someone else in the workplace. But if everyone is supposing this, then no one is cleaning the coffee machine. Don't wait for your morning coffee to start taste foul before you clean the machine; do it every day.


Since faucets and knobs don't normally seem dirty, it's easy to forget about them when cleaning, but keep in mind that everyone who uses a sink touches them. If you want to reduce the transmission of germs, you should clean your faucets every day.

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Don't Let Leftovers Go Bad In The Fridge.

Set a regular day, like the final Friday of the month, to throw away any perishables from the refrigerator that have gone untouched for a certain period of time. Remind everyone by email a few days beforehand that they need to bring their containers out of the fridge, and then on the designated day, go through the fridge and throw away everything that has been forgotten. This will aid in maintaining a tidier and more odor-free refrigerator.

Hire Commercial Cleaning Services

What's the best technique to guarantee a clean work kitchen? Get the task done well by working with experts. Office cleaning is a specialty of ours, so we know how to clean those hard-to-reach places and the surfaces that are sometimes overlooked to leave you with a spotless and germ-free kitchen.