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Proper Way To Clean An Office With 11 Tips

Due to increased foot traffic and the needs of a busy working environment, offices grow filthy and cluttered rapidly. It's important to keep your workplace tidy on a regular basis to maintain a suitable atmosphere.

Productivity, creativity, attention, and health are all boosted by working in a clean environment. Professionalism in appearance is guaranteed by our daily office cleaning service.

Janitorial Service vs. Commercial Office Cleaning?

Most people know that janitorial services and commercial office cleaning both clean and maintain properties, but they vary.

Commercial office cleaning is done every six months or yearly, whereas janitorial services include daily cleaning activities. Janitorial services vacuum carpets, whereas commercial cleaning services thoroughly clean them.

Understanding their distinctions can help you decide which is best for your company and when you need them.

Commercial Office Cleaning

Cleaning services for businesses often require more intensive tasks. A commercial cleaning service is hired by businesses because they can provide insight into what kind of cleaning is needed in the workplace.

A business office cleaning firm may perform anything from thorough carpet cleaning to window washing, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.

The scope of our commercial office cleaning services includes:

  • Full-scale carpet cleaning
  • Washing with a lot of pressure
  • Repairing and refreshing tile and grout
  • Cleaning of Hard Floors
  • Restoration of upholstered and wooden furnishings
  • Closing the Windows
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Janitorial Services

A janitorial service can take care of the mundane but essential chore of keeping your office clean and tidy on a daily basis. Using their assistance, your business will always seem good for guests.

Businesses often hire janitors on a daily or biweekly basis, however this might vary depending on requirements. However, most companies and organisations choose to have their facilities cleaned daily.

Services provided by a janitorial staff often consist of:

  • Services for dusting and cleaning the workplace
  • cleaning and disinfecting kitchens, bathrooms, waiting areas, and meeting spaces
  • Cleaning hard floors by sweeping and mopping
  • Taking the carpet vacuum cleaner for a spin
  • Throwing rubbish away
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Clean Offices Boost Productivity.

  • It's been scientifically shown that workers in a tidy office are more focused and efficient.

Keep your workplace tidy, clean, and safe so that it's a pleasure to be there for everyone who works there and visits.

  • Cleaning must be done every day.

In order to maintain a good first impression on guests, it is essential to maintain a spotless lobby and reception area. This is useful for making a positive impression on new and returning customers alike.

11 Tips for a Tidier Workplace

  1. Eliminate germs by disinfecting phones and desks.
  2. Scrub the counters and wipe down the door knobs.
  3. Clear the dust off the door frames and light switches.
  4. Scrub and mop the floor.
  5. Remove trash and recyclables from containers and clean and disinfect as needed.
  6. Clearing dust off and washing down computer screens and keyboards
  7. Windows, glass, and painted walls need to be cleaned on a spot basis.
  8. Dust off the light fittings and sweep away the cobwebs.
  9. Keeping the Lobby and Lobby Areas Clean
  10. Keeping the Kitchen Clean
  11. The Conference and Common Areas are Spotless

Outsourcing A Cleaning Services

Most companies see hiring a cleaning service as a necessity, not a luxury. Having trained professionals take care of the cleaning on a consistent basis frees you up to focus on running your company. Have a look at our tips on how to choose a good office cleaning service.

Find A Reliable Cleaning Service

Edomey is an experienced business cleaning service with a solid reputation for delivering healthy working environments.

No matter the size or industry, we provide each of our customers with a tailored daily cleaning service.

Edomey Cleaning offers 24/7 hospital-level commercial cleaning services, including thorough cleaning, sanitising, and disinfection.

We have been working with a wide variety of businesses and organisations for over 15 years, including those in the retail, restaurant, educational, medical, and corporate sectors.