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After floor cleaning services have been executed on floors it is important to apply wax or finish to the floor either wood floor wax or stripping and waxing tile floors among other types of floors. Waxing the floor is applying a top protective layer to it so that it is protected from stains and scratches. Floor wax is subject wearing down and it becomes dirty creating a need for it to be reapplied. Some floor wax or finishes have specific manufacturer instructions on the label and they should be followed to the latter for a professional floor wax. Different types of floors can be waxed such as linoleum, tile, timber and unfinished cork floors. Stripping and waxing floors business does not have to be done occasionally it can also be done regularly which can affect floor stripping and waxing pricing.

  • Benefits of stripping and waxing commercial floors.
  • The floor is protected from spill stains, scratches and marks.
  • Waxing brightens a room because it adds shine and gives an impression of a squeaky clean floor appearance.
  • On wooden floor the wax hides the appearance of faults and grooves.
  • In areas of high traffic waxed floors have a professional look that gives an impression that you care about your environment

Strip and Wax Floors

Upon entering your office or business, the first thing visitors notice is usually the floor. Shiny or well maintained floors send a strong message. We want to help maximize your office or business’ potential and ensure a clean and safe environment for your office or business.

Little dirt particles and dust inevitably get into your waxed floors, and over time the floor will begin to turn yellow from the light. To prevent this, we offer strip and wax service. The strip and wax is recommended a minimum of every 12 months for low to medium traffic floors, and 4-6 months for high traffic floors.

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We specialize in cleaning and restoring the condition of vinyl, stone, linoleum and wooden floors. We service floor types including but not limited to, hardwood, ceramic, vinyl composition tile (VCT) floors, and carpet. Stripping, resealing, waxing, buffing and refinishing are all part of our comprehensive floor maintenance process.

Vinyl flooring systems

For restoring your vinyl flooring back to its original luster we can strip the old wax, scrub the surface and apply new special sealer compounds and waxes to increase the lifespan and durability of your floors. The final process uses a machine powered buffer to get a high luster finish.

Ceramic tile and grout cleaning

From large floor areas to small tile highlights we have the right floor cleaning methods to create a high quality shine in as little time as possible. Grout is also cleaned during this process. A vacuum system cleans up an excess water so your floors are returned to usable condition in as little time as possible

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Hardwood floor waxing

We employ both hand detailing and a hardwood machine floor cleaning system to get your hardwood floors back to their original condition. Our floor cleaning crew take great care with your wood floors. A vacuum system is used to extract both the dirt and the excess cleaning solution for a perfect final result.

Deep cleaning and maintaining, stripping, waxing, and buffing all types of floors:

  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Brick
  • Tile and grout
  • Linoleum
  • Vinyl

Here’s what we cover in our services:


Dirt and grime can stick to the wax on a vinyl floor. By stripping the wax off the floor, and the stubborn dirt and grime, the floors can get their shine back. We have advanced industrial-level cleaners that will get your floors sparkling clean

Waxing & Polishing:

Vinyl floors will need recoated after being stripped. That’s why waxing and polishing hard floors will help them shine brighter and last longer. It’s easier to keep polished floors clean because a layer of polish helps keep dirt at bay and acts like a sealant. We recommend this process of stripping and waxing to be performed at least once a year.


Buffing vinyl floors will increase the gloss on the wax over time. It will improve their physical appearance. For commercial business’ buffing services is needed more often than stripping and waxing.

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