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Office Cleaning Tip 2022: Clean Your Office Like Professional

Professional office cleaning services providers will often supply a checklist of services so you can choose how much or how little they do. Check out our checklist to see how thorough your present cleaning company is if you don't have one from them. Having worked in the cleaning industry for many years, we are certain that no one else can match the quality of service and price we provide.


The welcome area is where customers will get their first impression of your business. You want it to maintain its cheerful, clean, and welcoming appearance at all times. A sanitary working environment is essential for every person. Everyone's ability to get work done is increased by the workplace's level of cleanliness and organization. Included in the list of cleaning responsibilities for the lobby and office areas are the following:

1. Remove the liners from the garbage receptacles and then empty them. When it's necessary, wash.

2. Vacuum all carpets and matting

3. Make sure to vacuum all of the hard flooring.

4. Remove dust from all horizontal surfaces of furniture, including desks, chairs, tables, and other items.

5. Apply a disinfectant and wipe down any horizontal surfaces while they are wet.

6. Use a disinfecting mop on all of the hard flooring.

7. Remove any spider webs from the front entrance and the regions immediately around it.

8. Clean the areas around the door frames and light switches to remove any fingerprints or other markings.

9. Clean the interior and outside of the automated glass doors 10. Wipe off all the internal glass

11. Polish all of the brilliant work and brass components on the doors and cabinets.

12. Perform spot cleaning on painted surfaces and walls.

13. Remove all waste, including trash, papers, and bottles, from the front entry.

14. Ensure that all spaces are tidy and organized in an orderly manner.

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All professional office cleaning services companies put emphasis on cleaning bathrooms as it is necessary to maintain the safety of employees and limit the transmission of germs. This is true for a workplace kitchen or break area. Even if no food preparation takes place in this area, it must be kept clean and hygienic.

15. Restock supplies such as toilet paper, hand towels, face tissues, and hand soap. 16. Empty waste receptacles, wipe them down if necessary, and replace bin liners as needed. 17. Clean and polish mirrors. 18. Wipe down hand towel dispensers and hand dryers.

19. Clean the doors and sills with a damp cloth, removing any traces of dust and fingerprints.

20. Scrub and disinfect each and every basin. Polish up all of the shining work

Dust the partitions, the tops of the mirrors, and the frames. Remove splash marks from the walls and partitions surrounding the basins.

23. Use disinfectant to mop and clean the floors in the kitchen and restrooms 24. Use the elevator and stairs

25. Ensure that all spaces are free of rubbish. 26. Ensure that any brass and brilliant work is polished. 27. Ensure that all hard floors are swept and mopped.

28. Perform spot cleaning on the interior glass in doors 29. Ensure that toilets and urinals are cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized on both sides, and then wipe them dry. 28.


30- Give all of the hard flooring a spray buff.

31. Use the squeegee to clean all of the glass on the interior as well as the exterior.



32. Vacuum vents and chairs

These are the most fundamental cleaning methods that your office cleaning services should do. Contact us if you seek for the hospital-grade office cleaning services in British Columbia or Alberta, Canada. Infuse fresh confidence into your business with top-notch cleaning services. Edomey is your partner when it comes to keeping your commercial property clean and sparkling. By offering daily, weekly, and biweekly cleaning we provide the world’s best cleaning on your terms.

The unique features that set Edomey franchisees apart from other janitorial services include the use of Edomey CleanCom® for instant communications, the Edomey Protection+ Disinfection plans for infection prevention, our budget-friendly SmartClean program, solid client support, advanced cleaning methods and equipment, EPA-registered disinfectants, and commitment to cleaning green.

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