Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Guelph

Whether you manage a small-scale company or a huge enterprise, you know how important having a clean environment is. If you want to hire experts to de-clutter your office, sanitize your bathrooms, sweep and mop your hallways and create a clean, safe and comfortable work environment, all you have to do is call at Edomey Janitorial & Building Services.

We are an experienced and professional Office Cleaning business that can help you clean up your company headquarters so you can achieve a fresher look, make your team work more efficiently, retain your clients and make the most out of any business meeting. We have an eye for detail and a concern for making your company prosperous by eliminating any kind of waste, clutter or bacteria. Dust, trash, clutter, all of these won’t be your problems anymore.

Office cleaning services

Office Area – Surfaces hand wiped, general dusting, floors cleaned

Kitchen / Lunchroom – Countertops cleaned, coffee and other appliance cleaning, cabinet, countertop and microwave cleaning.

Floors - Vacuum carpet and rugs, vacuum and mop hard surface floors.

Bathrooms – Dusting, floors cleaned, mirrors, sanitize handles, wash sinks and polish.

Looking for a top-notch professional cleaning services has to offer?

Window cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Floor sweeping and mopping


Garbage removal

clean office Kitchen

We specialize in cleaning many different types of facilities.

We offer professional commercial & office cleaning services to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Guelph. Whether it is a big deep clean or a regularly scheduled clean - no job is out of reach for our skilled cleaning team. Our services will be custom created based on your cleaning needs. Now more than ever, it has become extremely important to maintain a safe and clean work environment for all staff and clients, that is why we offer a wide range of professional cleaning services that answer to all your commercial cleaning needs. Our Commercial Cleaning service is great for Office buildings, auto dealerships, fitness centres, daycare centres, schools, supermarkets, convenience stores, specialty stores, warehouse stores, dollar stores, drug stores, thrift stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, pet stores, home décor stores, garden stores, furniture stores, office supply stores, hardware stores, art galleries, salons & aesthetic services, restaurants, retail shops, gyms & fitness facilities, medical offices, and so on!


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