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Keep Your Office Floors Sparkling Clean In Winter 2022

Find out the one trick to sprucing up your office floors of any material, from tile to wood, and get a pro's take on carpet care.

Once you've finished picking up, dusting and vacuuming, the only thing left to do is mop the floor. However, not every flooring surface can be cleaned with the same chemicals and techniques, and doing so may sometimes do more damage than good.

Here are some tips for keeping your floors in pristine condition, whether you have laminate or carpet.

floor clean

The Best Way To Clean Floors?

The surface you're cleaning might easily be damaged if you're not careful. Following our simple guidance is easy once you know what material you're working with.

floor clean

1. Clean Laminate Floors:

Avoid using soap-based detergents, which may leave a dull coating on the floor, and always use a vacuum cleaner, a dry mop, or a moist cloth to clean the floor. Avoid using wax polish since it can increase the risk of slipping.

Use a mix of water and vinegar to erase scuffs and scratches. Scratching laminate may be easily achieved using abrasive cleansers, so resist the urge to use nylon scouring pads or steel wool.

Nail polish remover including acetone or other mild solvents may be used to eliminate stubborn stains, such as shoe polish. Furthermore, good ol' WD-40 works just as well.

Felt pads beneath furniture legs and drip trays under plant pots are two easy ways to save your flooring.

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2. Clean Ceramic And Quarry Titles

Thankfully, they need little any upkeep. You should sweep it and then wash it with a light detergent solution and then rinse it with clean water. Do not use wax polish, since it will make the tiles dangerously slippery.

A steam cleaner is another viable option. They may be used to quickly and efficiently clean sealed floors and tiles with only water.

3. Clean Terracotta Tiles

It is recommended to wait a full year after installing terracotta tiles to avoid damaging them. Always follow the directions on the back of the tile you purchase to get the best results while cleaning and maintaining your terracotta tiles.

4. Clean Vinyl

Sweep or vacuum up any loose debris, and then wipe down the surface with a moist mop and some mild detergent. After wiping down, be sure to give it a good rinse. Scuff marks may be cleaned with a cloth soaked in tidy dish soap or white spirit and then rinsed.

5. Clean Cork

Mop the floor with a mix of dish soap and water to clean factory-sealed cork tiles. Sealing with acrylic or polyurethane provides an additional layer of defence, particularly in high-use rooms like the kitchen and bathroom.

Avoid dragging heavy furniture or appliances over your cork floor, as this may harm the seal and protective coatings.

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6. Clean Wooden Floors

The only maintenance that is required for sealed flooring is sweeping and damp mopping. Avoid using too much water, since this may cause the wood to expand and crack.

Floors that are not sealed or waxed should be swept often and re-polished periodically. Be judicious with how much wax you use, since it leaves a sticky residue that attracts dirt even after you buff it off. If the floor starts to show signs of wear, a non-slip floor polish might help.

Waxed floors attract polish and grime, which accumulates over time. To get it clean, you'll need to scrape off the wax and start again. White spirit may be applied to a cloth and used for wiping. Once the wax and grime have dissolved, you may wipe them away with crumpled newspaper. Scrub stubborn areas by hand or with abrasive pads on a floor polisher.

7. Clean stone

Resin sealants are essential for preventing stone from being stained. Vacuum the sealed stone surface completely before wiping it with a light detergent solution.

Grease and oil may be removed off stone using a special stain remover designed for spot cleaning.

floor clean

8. Clean Carpet

The best approach to cleaning your floor is using a carpet cleaner if you happen to possess one. Even if you don't have a degree, you can still accomplish a great job.

Spot-treat any stains that have already appeared. We recommend Edomey Cleaning for eliminating tough stains. Follow the manufacturer's directions for usage, keeping in mind that prompt action is usually preferable when dealing with stains. If you wait too long to treat a stain, doing so can be more of a hassle.

The next step is to use the vacuum cleaner on the carpet. As soon as you've gone over an area once, utilize your vacuum's attachments to get into those tough-to-reach spots and give them a thorough cleaning. To avoid black lines along the skirting board, use the crevice tool to vacuum the carpet's borders and beneath radiators. Turbo brushes (also known as power brushes) are great for extracting embedded dirt and pet hair from thick carpeting.

Edomey Tip: If your furniture has left unsightly dents or impressions, brush an ice cube over the area in question and watch the dents and markings melt away.