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Is Your Office Home to Germs And Bacteria?

Fun fact: Every square inch of an office phone has an average of over 25,000 germs. As a result, any office without professional commercial cleaning is home to unseen germs and bacteria.

Why is it so vital to maintaining a clean work environment, despite the fact that it may seem obvious? A well-kept office speaks volumes about the character of the business it represents. Quality and customer happiness are at the top of every firm's list, and this demonstrates how seriously they are taken by the organization. It doesn't matter whether you're in charge of cleaning a whole facility or if you've been hired to clean an individual office.

These are fun facts that you might want to take into consideration for the safety of your employee and clients:

- Office telephone: Phones often contain more than 25,000 germs per square inch of surface area.

- Elevator: In most businesses, the first-floor elevator buttons have the highest concentration of bacteria and germs, followed by the restroom.

- Keyboards: Compared to a toilet seat, an employee's keyboard is infested with 200 times as much germs.

- Water Fountains: Every square inch of a spigot has 2.7 million germs.

CommercialCleaning Benefits from ISSA

Benefit of Hiring A Professional Office Cleaning Team:

The Transmission Of Disease Is Reduced:

Clean offices may help prevent sickness, which is the most apparent reason for doing so. Common office items are breeding grounds for pathogens. Keeping the office clean and disinfected on a regular basis might help to reduce the spread of sickness. You won't have to worry about a drop in production due to a large number of sick days for your staff, as shown in the infographic created by ISSA to the right.

Enhances Security:

Keeping up with the seasonal cleaning demands typically requires more effort. Floor maintenance and frequent cleaning may reduce the risk of injury and avoid slips and falls. Commercial matting may be used to prevent filth and moisture from accumulating on your flooring by trapping them. Cleaning time is reduced and the damage on your flooring is avoided.

Maintaining A Clean And Orderly Work Environment

Keeping your carpets and hardwood floors clean on a regular basis and using the appropriate cleaning products can help them last longer. You may be better served by purchasing a floor scrubber if you need to clean a significant section of the floor often. Cleaning will be more effective, and your janitorial staff will be more productive as a result.

Cleaning and sanitising office equipment may help prevent germs from spreading and extend the life of the equipment.

Creates a welcoming environment:

Employees and visitors should feel secure and comfortable in your workplace. You can make a great first impression by keeping your lobby area immaculate. Vacuum the floor regularly to remove any loose particles. There should also be a daily clean-up of garbage cans, door and window screens and other surfaces.

We've already discussed the necessity of bathroom cleanliness. Maintaining sanitary conditions in bathrooms is critical to their long-term viability. People will notice and remember if the bathroom is filthy, and they won't soon forget. Disposables should be replenished, mirrors and sinks should be cleaned, and high-touch surfaces should be disinfected to prevent the spread of germs.

A business's image is reflected in the appearance of its office or facility. Don't let a shoddy office space jeopardise the health and safety of your workers or harm the general image of your organisation by allowing it to go unchecked. If you want to keep your facility clean and attractive, you'll need the right commercial cleaning services company, the appropriate equipment, and the right goods.

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With 15 years of experience, Edomey Janitorial Cleaning Service is confident to become your long-term and reliable partner when it comes to professional commercial cleaning. We keep your business safe and sound from all the unnoticeable risks of germs and viruses by providing the most healthy and clean environment possible for your executive.

Edomey's client is treated with respect and honesty at all times as we believe in the complete satisfaction of our partner. From the biggest account down to the smallest, we will never be satisfied until our customers are.

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