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How To Train A Cleaning Franchise/ New Cleaners

Janitors provide an essential service. They guarantee that our workplaces, schools, government buildings, and a variety of other structures are clean and ready for use. In our nation, there are an astounding number of janitorial services, and the number continues to expand. According to Ibis World, there are 1,063,988 cleaning franchise in the United States as of January 2021. The majority of these employers will give enough on-the-job training. However, if you own one of these cleaning franchise and are looking for information on how to teach your employees, you have come to the perfect spot.

4 Simple Steps To Train Cleaning Franchise

There are four simple measures that you may take to teach your new janitorial cleaning franchise or new cleaner in this article: Even if your janitors need more in-depth instruction, following these four steps may help you get them up to speed and ready to work in no time. As a bonus, I'm going to provide an action that covers janitors' on-the-job training in the event that this is something you prefer.

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Introduce Your Expectations To The New Franchisee Owner/ New Cleaner

As a cleaning company owner, you expect your employees to meet a precise set of standards. Your cleaning team needs to know what you expect of them immediately. If you don’t, you are taking the risk that your staff will not clean to your level of satisfaction. Customers and employees alike will be unhappy with the cleaning services provided by your company.

As an added benefit, you may use this time to correct undesirable behaviours your janitors may have picked up from their past employment. Employers have varying standards of performance, as we all know. Despite this, you don't want to place your cleaning service's reputation on the shoulders of janitors who may have gotten poor training elsewhere. Make sure your janitors have notepads and pens on hand so that they may take notes or write down any questions they may have for you to answer at a later date.

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Give a Hands-On Cleaning Demonstration

Once you've taken the initial step of communicating your expectations to your janitors, it's time to follow through. Is there any better method to show your janitorial team how clean your workplace is than to demonstrate the process yourself? Once again, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your personnel precisely how you want things cleaned and in what sequence.

You should be as detailed as possible when you show your cleaning personnel how to clean your facility. Your ability to effectively manage your time will be tested here. If you wish to demonstrate all you want to teach, you won't be able to do so. It's also not a good idea to speed through the process. Remind your janitors of the most pressing issues you're worried about when you give them a demonstration.

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Let Your Janitors Show You How They Clean

After showing your workers how to clean, it's time for them to demonstrate you how they do it. This may be a great opportunity for everyone concerned, since your janitors may have a better method of cleaning than you do. In addition to benefiting your janitor, showing him or her how to clean may help you, as you can offer him or her suggestions and techniques as they go.

Again, this is your chance to correct any improper training your staff may have gotten from their previous employers. While you're watching your janitor/ cleaning franchise do the job, this is a great time to see how fast they work. In order to get the job done, you need your janitors to work rapidly, but not so quickly that they miss a few areas along the way. Your company may suffer if your clients were dissatisfied with the products or services you provide.

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On the Job Training

While this is not always possible, I have always believed that the finest training is on-the-job training. Certain cleaning service owners want to avoid this kind of training since it might result in substandard work performance and disgruntled clients. Of course, I would never advocate providing on-the-job training to your janitors unless they had completed many training sessions with you in your office. This way, they'll have a general concept of what they're doing before you give them the work.

If you're planning to adopt on-the-job training in your cleaning business, I recommend beginning with a little work and an amenable customer. Small company owners, on the other hand, may be a little more forgiving than giant organizations. Furthermore, local enterprises are not nearly as huge as corporate headquarters. If you have a buddy who runs a small company and also uses your cleaning service, they may be the most accommodating when it comes to on-the-job training at their place of business.


Janitorial training seems to be a difficult undertaking. You may, however, teach your cleaning franchise owners in four simple steps. Bear in mind that unless you communicate your expectations to your personnel, they will never understand how to clean to your satisfaction. Consider doing a hands-on demonstration to demonstrate to your janitors precisely how you want things cleaned and in what sequence you want them cleaned. Following that, let your janitor to demonstrate how they clean. This allows you to see what they're made of and may even serve as a learning opportunity for you. After seeing your janitors in action, it's time to review all of the training with your team to address any problems or queries.

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